Thursday, January 20

INN of JUSTICE: Unresolved conflicts Destroy

Unresolved conflicts Destroy

All unresolved conflicts Destroy

January 20, 2011
Serge, I have read the whole of your email to me, which is about another different conflict.

I am now more aware of this unresolved conflict between the two persons and "the economic vessel" they are partners in. As an experienced observer of conflicts I can say that unresolved conflicts destroy the willingness to Cooperate. A life time of experience in organizational development (OD) has also proved to me that unresolved conflicts between two people will destroy the wealth of both parties; heaping uncomfortabe costs upon the stakeholders, This destruction of wealth in your economic unit "The HUT" upsets the members (members being the borders )of that unit. It costs them time and money and disrupts their precious environment. You and they are stakeholders. I am reminded of President Kennedys reference to unresolved conflict, when he quoted from Dante's Inferno “the hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in times of crisis, choose to remain indifferent. More wisdom can be found in this children short story: "Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall and had a great fall...” Conflicts in business get the immediate attention of the personnel departments, because conflicts destroy the wealth very quickly indeed. Business cannot aford these losses. The members of the vessel have a very big stake. ("Conflicts in Courts are even more disastrous because they take forever to resolve; as in my life now.") The members may not be shareholders but they are in“this economic vessel" and hence they have a moral obligation to prevent the vessel from going down. They cannot remain indifferent. For a few weeks now I have observed the turmoil in your life, as you have watched the vessel going down. It was a precious vessel and it has been destroyed; this is a tragedy. It could have been avoided. What was done by the stakeholders to save it? You and I Serge have seen "precious vessels" (we were in) go down and we have suffered enormous damage. In my opinion the stakeholders in this situation chose to abandon the ship. A full and transparent resolution to the conflict could have resolved the conflict and saved the vessel for all. The future will repeat the past; beware! Vessels, like FAMILY units, are precious investments. They are a “Citizens Castle.” The exception would be in a Marxist State. Serge, I hope this, my short view of your situation, is useful for you.