Wednesday, November 19

We talked for a few minutes at Tim Hortons.

 A Reason For Living..... ? 
 An Incident in Winchester -This evening, [28 June]
We talked for a few seconds, at Tim Hortons, because I asked.
The soul who talked to me, said they could loose their job if they talked to me.
It was not obeying the rules, they said.

Did Tim Hortons employ their hearts also?
I believe this person was a Christian.
My God, this was a spiritual soul with a big heart who I wanted to be my friend.
A Theology student also.
I was however...introduced to Tim Keller.
A Reason For Living - Tim Keller
We can find good everywhere..
in Tim Hortons.

This evening, 29 June, Tim Hortons had closed at midnight. [A Saturday rule]

Only the Drive-in was Open! I went to buy a meal I needed and found they let motorcycle drivers inside, but not me, who drives an automobile.
 Just imagine, a car drive-in, but not a bike walk-in!  Imagine... parking the bike and walking to the talk-in spot.
However this was not what I found disturbing!

One more rule was explained to me.
I said, "
but rules were met to be broken, when the situation didn't fit the rule."

"Breaking the rule would result in loosing their job" was the reply. And not being able to pay their Mortgage payment due.
Did God make this a command
; I can't seem to remember; they seem to say, I'm too old at 81.

But I said "I've had all my meals here since 2008."
They had no verbal answer; Only the stunned emotional look.
What about the laws of God. I said
and our Commonwealth civilization.
What if I had needed the wash room; did they have another rule for that.
A social system drowns in it own rules.
 Not rules of producing food orders.
But codes of good conduct; that can be changed by minds of wisdom... if the situation requires.

Monday 30 June 20014.  2:04 am
The conversation continued for a minute or two tonight. One talked about the logic of letting the Bikers in. So I asked one question which required a one word answer "Yes or No"  The question wasn't answered.....  another question of their own was...  and not my original question.
It's like English has many levels of understanding, One level discovers truth! The lower levels give up their freedom to talk.


I stopped at a little coffee-shop, for a coffee and cookie - Tim Hortons

It is November 20, 2014; they have 6 feet of Snow in parts of
Buffalo New York, 

Tim Hortons owner wanted his employees to go home. Impossible to do. They sat where they were for 35 hours. Just think a moment... dying,  being stuck in snow.

What a small smile can do. Is it the coffee or the smile?
I can get coffee at home... ?  Think.

I mention the importance of Tim Hortons here-in; and bring this post forward again to - October 23, 2014.  --- Don Wesley  --

I said in 2013. ----
It is, an-hour-past-midnight, and I have just settled in at my Base Camp Room. I say base-camp, because my home [my castle] I lost in my fight with an overwhelming group of agents of Evil; four years ago.

The fog, this damp 2013, winter night, is stinging-thick and unbroken for miles around me. Glancing away from the road, can find you in the ditch in the slip of a second.

I needed to get out into the country side, to overcome feelings of loneliness; four years of loneliness. I can hear the sounds of the silence. I like the night when things are slow and easy. I can overcome a lone agent of evil and maybe more; but I am not unwise or ignorant enough to believe I can overcome the five I could as a Youngman. With time one good man can overcome many agents of evil. Just be empowered is the key!

I stopped at a little coffee-shop, for a coffee and cookie; but more to find a human face with a warm smile of kindness. She was eighteen and in a relationship, and I like an old grandpa, listened joyfully to her little story of love, relationship and her feeling secure, with her man, in his fathers home, a farm.

Driving, alone, on seldom travelled highways in a damp winter night is an experience we never forget. Oh it is true, it will be out of mind for decades, but spooky-triggers will have it jump in and remind you. Some will be happy memories, some acting as triggers to more, and some that will bring tears to our eyes.

Now , the midnight cup shop was almost empty, so I sat and read a verse in my little Bible and quickly felt content; safe and warm from the vast emptiness of the universe, which reminds us that life records endless stories in fleeting little bundles of time. Stories never ever die; they can however have the story teller, killed; this is wisdom worth recalling. Evil must be heard, seen and talked about wisely!

Another mid-night traveller entered and returned a quiet smile to the young waitress. He moved effortlessly by me and I said “Hello Officer.” He was equally kind and beamed a quiet and confident reply which made me feel more secure with his company. I sipped my wonderful coffee in my cup and savoured the sugared cookie; I felt good! My thoughts however still had, shades-of -backgrounds of yesterdays history and the mysteries that still lay ahead of me. Life has its moments of goodness; but with increasing wisdom that comes with growing old, we know that other “not so kind bundles of stories exist.”

Now, I had a few moments to remember when I was young and an officer in the military. It was 1950 as I recall, when a young Ontario Police officer, stopped the bus I was travelling on, to find anyone who could assist him to make an arrest, at a stolen vehicle, nearby, with two occupants inside. I was filled with instant energy and courage and needed no encouragement to assist him. I was also empowered by the excellent training I had just completed. I also knew from childhood training, that God would rescue me from every evil attack. Like my older brothers, my genes had wired me with fearlessness. Something about my attitude and visible character, didn’t require me to announce I had the power that preceded my being seen. At that time in our Canadian History, I was an Officer of the Crown, above and beyond the Courts of Law. At that time a Man’s Home was his Castle; meaning no man may enter, not even the King, without the mans' approval.

A Father, and his Family could feel secure, and being fearless he could kill those who entered his home, with out his approval.

A Father, with such a Godly character as his guide was also compassionate, patient, forgiving and a protector of his family.

He gave lessons, and disciplined those who failed to live by God given rules. All in his family felt safe in his loving care. He works for them! He lives according to the Word of God and works hard to be as near perfect as he can learn to be; acting not alone but with his wife and soul-mate and neighbourly brothers around him.

But let us never forget that, the Angel of Evil has a habit of using family members.

My attention turned again to cups of coffee and to the several OP Officers who entered; and beamed their kind smiles and confidence to me. I told one, a little-bit about how I lost my home. He listened with great compassion; it made me feel so good; it brought tears to my eye. Few today listen to stories of sin. I told him I needed the help of a Detective to make an arrest. That “Thought of Helping Me,” revealed no evidence, to me, of being in his mind. My situation was maybe tough, but it didn’t matter much, if at all; it was just another benign situation.

My final thought in this little bundled story, that will not die, i
s why?  What have we done to the basic social unit of society?
What has changed since 1950 when I, instantly helped an officer in need of help to make an arrest; were the Men better in those days? The Blessings of God are with you.

Key Words
Feeling secure

Man’s castle

State property.


No allowance.




Base Camp

OPP officer needed support.






John Zimudinous

Camp Borden