Monday, July 7

To protect the innocent from serving Torture Time

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 It is Michael's back you see.. I took this Photo my self
I told him he was stealing my property.
He turned and walked away from me.
My own Son, who I brought up with Love
He and the others planned this for weeks and said it was Ok.
I'm Michael's Father and this home and everything in is my
Family Home I bought and paid for in 1968-69.
He knew it is the Family Home and not just him alone.

What he was destroying then was part of my Garden.
This was the afternoon  In the morning I was evicted.
He came from Burlington Ontario and arrived on time,
Here in the West Island of Montreal - DDO.
For me... this felt like Torture.
It is Non-State torture and a crime.
This picture was taken at the end of July 2009
At this moment it is July 2014.
The ex-RCMP officer who has done the Investigation 

for Service Canada, told me April 2104
It a case of Embezzlement.
He said its before the crown attorney.

Look up the definition of

Don Wesley 1933  [I forgave Michael already]