Monday, December 9

To feel my happy family; I reach for the family picture. Denise Wesley and Don's family.

Christmas 2013.
Will become, another occasion
to repair old bitter thinking, and
begin to Justly
Love, each other as we are.

March 14, 2010

Most every one, in this very old picture,
had yet to have publically confessed their sins.
None have confessed recently it seems, cause if they had I would have heard from them.
I forgave them years ago.
Tristan did contact me; God Bless him.
Something quickly interfered.
I think Steven knows how to label so-called mental disorders, but not how to treat them. And he is a psychiatrist!  Psychopath is another label.
They need to confess their sins to Christ, and not a Buddhist Monk.

I just simply love them all.

Look at "Sam" the puppy I bought especially for Michael. He, most of all had the highest score for social intelligence. He has moral reasoning problems today.
Steven scores the highest on SAT testing.
His empathy and compassion are missing however.

Denise, my lover, had the most difficult job of all. Giving up her most important self, to be a perfect Mother and Wife for the next few years.

It is the most difficult role to play successfully, for all women.
Imagine giving up a life of an attractive sexy unmarried woman to be a perfect married one.
Each one of them here in this picture is a genius in their own special way.
You can't see me "Dad" I'm simply getting their attention for a moment and asking them to reveal their facial expressions and then press the flash button to capture these splendid family moments.

That flash moment reveals the particles only. The rest of their love is Dark Matter.

Married Men had best learn quickly what the magic of the Dark Matter of Love is.
That takes enormous self awareness and compassion for every single member of his family, including our loveable dogs. Loving dogs just give back what they get from the family members.

I am a tough old man; but I shed a bucket of tears on my way to help them when they are hurting. I'm  like a fearless fireman and get the job done and hold them tight with loving hands and eyes and soft words.
The ones most easily hurt, are those women who must return to their old selves when the children are gone.
Steven always got me to Taxi Him by saying "Dad I'm hurting, please come and get me." He lied a little.

I adored Denise, my sweetheart in both her roles
and still do in the new one she playing in now.
I know and believe she has given her very best.
Another identity within her, I really cannot trust.

I would much prefer to leave out my "rebukes" to my children and ignore the "identity disorder." To do so would keep them from getting into Heaven, it seems. I just can't do that. I will pay the price of suffering, and leave the "shame" where it belongs.

This is my Christmas message - I Love You and I Cry out for your moral help. I have nothing to deny or apologize for. I have heard no accusations at all. Francyne, said I was in denial ?!
If there are, bring them into the open for all to see.
I'll be 81, next April and I hope the 95 of Nelson Mandela and/or the 140 of Job is not foreseen for me.  

( Don - 2008 ) 

With Kathy and Jack.
Retired Farmers
Happy for the afternoon
Sad and alone in the evening