Friday, March 11

Being Sick is Bad for Your Heath.

Preface to this Story

Get ready to feel good rather than...  not your very best

Live hopefully and  begin by taking the high road,
(the one to truth) those who lie, will be gobble-up
by cockroaches


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I was living in the gut of this creature here on earth,
while other creatures were living
in the heavens here on Earth.

Now the Serious Movie Show
A True Story

Rush to the path of wellness
and let everyone know your own hearts truth, and experience the thrill of a Happy Heart,
and receive the gift of lasting Joyfulness.
Grasp this Hidden, Pure
Science lesson created by
David Malone for the BBC England

Many great Scholars contributed
From Universities
In England, France, Germany
and Ancient Egypt and

Ancient Italy

You can truly see the surprise  Ending - If You
Hang in!

I was fascinated

and  or

Pure Science Specials ~ Quantum explanations !

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Pure Science Specials The Quantum Tamers
Published on Nov 23, 2014

Find out what drives people to puncture, tattoo, scar or
burn their bodies for their mystic belief