Tuesday, November 17

Cerebrating (Unconsciously) While his brain organized what he found out yesterday.

We caught him thinking!

Don was up all night... thinking, writing and exploring his own mind, while conscious and  unconsciously cerebrating.

His mind is what teaches Him.
He loves this way of living.
He just stops to get what he needs and must give to others, who like him!

Get to 'really' know yourself and realize you learn this way also; just believe and follow what your Intuitive Mind tells you...
This is the meaning of freedom; yours alone.

Just don't forget your responsibilities and promises to your love ones.  


Someone said this morning....
They love the way he teaches.
I took this picture of him at 6:30 this morning - February 22, 2015.
In two months he will be 82.
He gets rid of pathogens and junk food and his body heals itself.
Don, would like to know, what your mind told you this morning... after sleeping. The spiritual world communicates best in this manner.
Denise My ex-wife did think the very same way. You can also...
My Friend... Dennis also uses this messenger's way. Have fun looking and reading to feed your own intuitive mind.

John Lennon - Imagine

Make Me A Channel of Your Peace (Sung by Angelina)

Prayer of St. Francis

Don in his second year 1934. His dad is amazed by his technical hands.
He was born with a paralyzed right arm. This was Dad's fifth son.