Saturday, May 5

The “fall-out” of shame from the Garden of Eden has created more suffering than Nuclear fall-out.

Eve and Shame - Click to enlarge

Bob [On TED], I don't want to extend your question beyond what it is asking "Will it be necessary to create a new and better kind of human for any real progress to be made?" To extend, would be dishonest argument.
Flowing from there I say let us ask our Creator; let us all pray together and follow what he says.
I did like what Billy Graham said to us in his TED Talk in 1998; it seems that you may have listened to it as well.
I also think Zimbardo in his TED talk on evil and Heroes, gives an excellent clue as to what reply, we might expect when conversing with our Creator.
In fact he, our creator has already spoken to us for centuries - " Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."
Yes we do remain ignorant, without even asking ourselves to choose the other option. Too many fail to realize the other option exists. The “fall-out” of shame from the Garden of Eden has created more suffering than Nuclear fall-out.
Let us each insist of one another, to look closely in our own families and surroundings for the evil that is being done; and having found it, become a hero as Zimbardo instructs us to do with easy lessons to follow.
Then let us exercise our ownership of the courts of justice, and deliver justice over night, with mercy following the next day.
Crime would soon disappear. Fraud is more difficult to detect so the very best of analytical minds must solve these more difficult problems and make it more easy to locate; just remember the behaviours to watch “motive and opportunity.” Follow the money. Give big worldly prizes to these problems solvers. Take back these collective-functions to our villages and the local constabulary. Remove canon codes and bring back common-sense to the local Judge.
And I part with an imperative; Refuse to answer the devilish detractor who attempts to extend the limits of your argument; don’t be tempted to waste time on his or her ego-foolishness.