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Angry enough to kill - Victims of deadly abuse.

February 9  2011
Revised October 29, 2014.
It is hard work, to keep so busy, 
that I don't have to think about
my (wonderful) life with Denise, Mother of our two boys. I love Denise and want to help her and not hurt her. I don't want to hurt myself either.
But I know the Family Court has already done enough to kill me with "stress" .
Compared to what I see these days,
life with her was great until the mid 90's. Even up to the middle June 2008. Thereafter I saw an anger in her which shocked and made me fearful. My attitude changed!
I remember Dr Fred Lundell,
[Military Psychoanalyst] telling me that Denise would kill me. It was he said, "a deeply repressed unconscious Anger." He met with every member of our family; intimately.

(See below for more knowledge.)
Please accept that I am writing for all of us;
who are in the very same situation; victims of abuse from Family Courts.

You, I think, care enough, and will move into action, to raise public awareness, that Family Courts do abuse us.
Love is... being aware of and caring enough to do something about it.
Help us all.... because you can.  

Knowledge about repressed anger...
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“Just me”, as you used to say to me. Don J. Wesley

Hi to everyone, my name is Don. This is my Status post for
yesterday; the 11 and 17 days.

“Just me”, as you used to say to me.
We are both “Introverts”

From: Don Wesley
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2014 2:37 AM
To: Denis Mallet
Cc: Denise Wesley
Subject: Vagabond House - 800 AM – CJAD in Montreal

To all, who love the One Big God, who is here with us now. He feeds us with his energy which is ‘Light’.
Our ‘conscious’ mind, is unique thoughts in each one of us. Our Lord of Justice,  will attend to each one of us; one by one.

I listened to Paul Reid, on 800 AM – CJAD in Montreal almost every night from 2000 until 2008.
Denise left me on the day before Christmas Eve in 2008.
In 2009, she had herself re-integrated  in my family home.
In July of the same year she, with the help of many people, had me leave the home, with just the clothes on my back.
The help came from Court Officers, friends of Denise and the 2 sons we had.

I was told, not to come near this home within 100 meters. I left with my car, the PT Cruiser.
My status went from Home to Homelessness.
This home, I bought for 3 identities; 
1)  Christopher and
2)  Me, Denise and our 2 boys, Steven and Michael as well as...
3)  My Studio, Offices and Workshop.
With my car radio, I listened again, to Paul Reid and his Poems.
My feelings of aloneness had me meet the Princess of Hope. Denise was my angel – Sweetheart!
It has been 1966 days since I left, under-duress, my only Home; the Family Home (a legal definition)
Don, Grandfather to our children “who will inherit this home 6 Hazel  H9B1C5.”
I’m not to call this a crime until proven; however I can call it the opposite of goodness, which is known as evil.
This Home I bought and paid for (30 years of mortgage payments) was advertised and sold, without my approval.
This is known, under Canada’s Criminal Codes by many sections of it.
For one example – Theft by ‘Wife or Husband’

(it is the one I bought and paid for – my property)

Denise had free rent all this time and her own property she inherited from her Mothers estate.
Her reason to sin, was to bury me in Stress until I died.

All the above became very clear to me on November 17, 2014  ( 17 and 11 )
I was born on Monday April 17, 1933 – Easter Monday.
Denise and I were married under the Laws of God, – April 11, 1964.
The Civil Idea of Marriage died June 9, 2013 – RIP.

MY HOUSE; The Home I built in it, for all the Family

Listen to what I believe is a real good home


Paul Harvey - Freedom to chains

"I remember being a small child hearing paul harvey's stories. I grew up in rural America surrounded by normal folk. There was an air of confidence and grace in his opinions. So, when i see rigid, narrow minded comments on this thread it makes me feel as if there is no hope to have a simple life again. The world is complicated due to our divisions and thus, strife. Perhaps there will be a time, once again, to have a "centered" voice like Paul Harvey's to provide pause in our daily lives. Be well and regard your neighbor with love and patience as "god" has intended. "



And with that malice present, she had no rights to the courts.

Brought forward to now November 19, 2014.
I am trying to think of a very short answer.
Here it is: --
When  Denise wasn't home by midnight of December 24, 2008, two possibilities came to mind:
1.  She was in another very bad accident.
2.  She was Abusing me. Trying to hurt me badly. Her love had turned into a “bitter hatred,” of Don. 
3.  I never thought Divorce. When I got in touch with Pamela O’Reilly I said I was being abused. She said never mention that word again. But the truth is “Abuse” and nothing else.’
From that day forward it has been all abuse and nothing else.  The pre-marriage ‘Marriage Contract’ specified completely how she was to exit the relationship

See:  http://innjustice.blogspot.ca/2014/10/the-analysts-function.html

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