Monday, October 6

Divorce racket lawyers and family court judges.

I brought this back once more because it is so important.
Please note, these words below are not mine,
but they so very powerful and true here in Canada also.

"Marriage, which has traditionally been considered a contract of great importance to and solemn obligations of both husband and wife, capable of dissolution only for grave cause, including either serious breach or real impossibility, has in recent decades become an arrangement which a woman may terminate on whim often procured by alienation of affections once unlawful but now freely allowed.

"The process begins by a court order, issued upon affidavit which may be freely perjured without penalty, enforced without notice and hearing, and throwing the man out of his home and on the street. The female is then allowed her freedom and she takes most assets on grounds contrived, all without cause as a practical matter."

"I should add here that, while much bad legislation has been enacted, the real culprits in the final analysis are family court judges with unbridled discretion. And because their power is virtually unchecked in law and practice, family court judges are typically neurotic, cruel, dangerous, predatory, lawless, and tyrannical."

"The reason was explained by Edmund Burke when he said that power gradually extirpates from the mind every humane and gentle virtue." No branch of the American judiciary has brought so much disgrace to the bench and generated so much hatred for authority, as our family courts, the lawyers who practice before them, and the judges who preside."

"As Mr. Doyle points out effectively and clinically, a husband and a father has become a guest in his own home in the United States. He is a beast of prey who may be hunted without license at any time."

"The unhappy truth is that, unless a man links his destiny with a woman of extraordinary wisdom and virtue, marriage is unsafe and unwise."

"Many are responsible for this menace to Western civilization, but the most important culprits are divorce racket lawyers and family court judges. I have no apology to offer for my profession. We lawyers are guilty. "