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The Most HATED 'Kent Hovind' Video By The US Government

The Most HATED 'Kent Hovind' Video By The US Government
and why they imprisoned him.
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Living and not harming anyone - I'll do my best.

What is the worst harm?
I believe it is lying.
How can we know ourselves?

The best lesson I found is from
Dr. Scott Peck



The Brain Unlocked... How To Use Your Brain To Create Miracles, Magic and Amazing Opportunities

Granddad You Have A Message, inspirational messages from the higher self

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Published on Mar 6, 2016
Since the passing of his Wife, Alec Laidler began to receive lots of inspirational thoughts and messages from his higher self regarding some of the happenings and events that befall all of us at some time in our lives. Alec now offers these messages in 'Granddad You Have A Message' in the hope that they will guide others through these times, as they have him. All book proceeds will be donated to the Kelli Smith Appeal and Breast Friends charities.

Thought On Aging in America - Interview with Ken Dupin

Everyday I collect ideas that interest me; for my many moods and other reasons.  Then on unexpected days I put a few together and a new story appears with this "different-context" that draws in other good minds. Everything grows organically.

I'm 82 now and I love all of you.
Remember I'm living to defend
the superior elderly people.

Here I was caring for my
older friend 'Ivan Merkley.'
Minutes later, the ambulance
was rushing me to the Hospital.
I really thought it was the end of my life.
I wasn't. This was two years ago.

It was reflux problem, which felt like a heart attack.

I planned in 1975:  what to do for my Mother, Aunt and our dogs: what Ken Dupin has described in this video.
I planned in detail; and had the 'cash flow' to easily do it.
However, behind my back, my brother and my wife executed their plan: Early death. Then my wife and children planned
and orphaned me. I to, was prepared to survive alone; these lessons I learned from my parents, when I was still in the baby crib.
The Department of Defense saw the 'learned-lessons' in me in 1949 and educated me to take command, of the men in my platoon and prepare them for defending our Nations Faith in God. I was appointed to be an Officer in the Canadian Army. [1953]

Today I'm 82 and now working to defend the 'oldest' in our Nation. My Aunt died at 102. My Mom at 96.
Please don't disturb us. My mental tricks are very powerful and are more effective now, than when I was 19.
Don John Wesley.

Thought On Aging in America  -  Interview with Ken Dupin