Wednesday, October 30

Denise, was fascinated by the idea of Accessing the Mystic Mind, several years before me.

Accessing the Mystic - Science and the Sacred - Rupert Sheldrake

Denise, was fascinated by the idea of Accessing the Mystic Mind, several years before me. I was very worried in fact. Her attraction to this idea was too powerful I thought.

The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear


Meet global corruption's hidden players

Meet global corruption's hidden players

The Corrupt Individuals work in courts that lost all my belongings. “The electric heart-beat is Him.”

Afra Raymond: Three myths about corruption

 “The corrupt individuals also worked in courts where they lost all my belongings.
Once they found them, they claimed them as theirs. Then they used a crazy person to provide the lies in affidavits that gave the Judges what they needed to issue un-conscionable judgements. 

My passion is to help the so-called crazy to be well. This will end man-made suffering, made possible by the bullying-power of the Court Processing System.
Grievances in business can heard and settled before getting the Court.

Family misunderstandings take years to flow through the delivery system of the Court Processing system. Don't be fooled by the words they use to explain the lost-in-the-mail confusion and complexity. This is a very serious problem; don't let them fool you by telling you funny stories; to make me look foolish. I'm in for the long fight against the devils in each of us.  Be aware that God is in you too. The electric heart-beat is him.”  
(Don Wesley October 30, 2013.)