Friday, December 4

“We forget nothing in life; unless we have brain damage.”

August 24, 2013

To my Sweetheart, Denise
Many I meet, tell me to forget and move on!
I reply to them “We forget nothing in life; unless we have brain damage.”

And after 50 years of knowing you I can never put you out of my mind. We declared ourselves to be soul-mates before our marriage and on our marriage day. And you and I had wonderful experiences of loving one another and all our family relationships.
I was able to do extraordinary work during my life, but that ability of mine has been all but totally destroyed, by the courts unconscionable orders.
Moving me from my Home to Homelessness did the destructive work.
Today, as during all days past, I have real soul thoughts about you my Sweetheart Denise. 
You have hurt me, many times during the 50 years, and I have always understood and forgiven you. And I forgive you today. You did do much wrong to me!
Very unfortunately, you associated yourself at NBC with many very ignorant people and those associations finally brought on a “man-made” tsunami of devastation. You brought on a Court Case of pure lies. I am living through the devastation of those Court actions right now. It is a life of misery!
My full name, Donald John Wesley, and those of my descendants will carry forth the “John  Wesley” names:
1. Christopher John Wesley
2. Steven John Wesley
3. Michael John Wesley

It is my intention that the true history of the “man-made” devastation will be made known to all. In compiling this history, I will reveal everything that I know to be true. The Wesley name will survive as written history.

I was told by your family members, at your mother’s death, [Beaulne, Prevost] that you were a victim of your fathers anger; which was a traumatic event in your life giving rise to your need to kill me as Dr. Lundell predicted you would.
This injury to you, my love, created a hidden personality in you called a "Child of Rage."

If I had know this fact earlier, all in Gods power would have made you better. I would have called upon him to heal you.

I truly love you my sweetheart. It is still my faint hope that we will be together again as a family. In the meanwhile I am publishing our history as I know it to be, the only truth.