Friday, April 13

An answer to my Grandson Tristan.

My Precious Tristan, it gives me so much happiness to hear from you.

Family dysfunction and my separation from my soul-mate, your Grandmother has caused so much pain and suffering to us all. For me divorce after so many years is insanity.
No, I did not invent the lighting diffuser panel you see in elevators. I was the manufacturer of aluminum louvers used in architectural ceilings throughout the world. I believe the very same machinery that make these panels today are from my original factory in Montreal. I did invent several others products including machines, which we can talk about some other time; hopefully.
Yes your father Steven was a brilliant student; he aced every subject he learned all the way through McGill University. He continued on through Queen’s for his medical degree and then through McMaster for his degree in Psychiatry. He is a very serious young father; we all make grave mistakes at times in our lives and your Dad is no exception. I do believe he is an excellent and brilliant doctor.
After finishing high school, he spent three years of training to become Mr. Canada at 18 years of age. I did not approve of his doing so, but I believe he proved to himself he could do anything he wanted to. He was right in my opinion. You can see early pictures of him here on my blog -
I am a very stern believer in family’s staying together forever. The alternative is unbelievable long term suffering and financial loss for all the family members. My own struggle for justice, is not over, and I am still moving to get justice.
I am truly saddened to learn that your parents split-up. I could see the suffering on the faces of all your childhood pictures, including those of your sisters and brother. The facial sorrow was clearly seen in pictures from one month to another.
There is so much you could learn from my near 80 years of living. It was always my plan to be there for all the family.
Feel the love I have for you Tristan, as I have for all my family. Seek more more wisdom.