Saturday, February 18

Going to the RCMP to act on my Corruption Complaint

This is an up-date to the incident on February 18, 2012

I asked Bob,
to support my cause.

He has a
PhD - Electrical Engineering

Hi Don
You asked for an indication of support as you pursue the fraud and miscarriage of justice that is going on in the Montreal civil justice system.  I have to preface my comments with the fact that I know very little about the Montreal civil court system nor do I know what transpires there.  I have, in the past, however, been on the periphery of the legal and police professions, I worked for the RCMP for 7 1/2 years a while ago, and from that involvement I can well understand how a system can easily be manipulated for unjust ends.  When I couple my personal knowledge with what you have told me about what you have been through and are going through, I can only give you my support as you try to thread your way through  the system and try to expose the fraudulent methods being used for illegal gains. I don't understand either the complexity nor the legal implications of the problem.  I do know that you will need all the support you can muster to challenge a system that is as ingrained as that one is.  I will certainly pray for you and the work you are doing.  I trust that you will have the energy to complete it. 
See you on Saturday.
Your brother

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