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I'm the only Human, in my church, together with God and Sons, Lucifer and Jesus and a wireless phone.

I'm the only Human, in my church, together with God and  Sons, Lucifer and Jesus  and a wireless phone.

When our perceptions are truly Christian, we need only our own Church. 
I'm the only Human, in my church, together with God and His  Sons, Lucifer and Jesus.
He sent handsome Lucifer first; who loved the world. Then, He sent Jesus to remind us, to love our fathers first.

So my friends, you too, only need you own Church of One. Every one must love their own father. This is the way God, wants us to live.

Then only One Common Church is needed for Community Worship.

The Conscious Mind – The greatest mystery we can now explore.

Hello to my friends, who are  watching now.
We are like a flock it seems to me.

I was thinking and looking for reasons why one should live. Hugging or Mugging all in between.
This came into my mind.
It is a thing we can measure.
The Conscious Mind – the greatest mystery we can now explore.

It does change the way do things with our hands.

And control the throttle of passion. Even romantic.
And it can be measured in many ways.
We measure its effects now, On sites, we need not climb
But allows us to “text” each other; And to share with curious on looker's. Who influence each other. 

There are millions we Can count and question
And receive replies from.
Many more ways of connecting now!
We can talk and reason logically with each other.
And if we go public, beyond our family;
It seems like the numbers of helping hands
Grow; if we are genuinely kind.

I've been helped by so many minds I’ve met, via the internet. I’m 81 and living alone and my greatest help seems to come...  more from younger People with “spiritual-genius-hearts”
Whose hands I have never touched.

My elderly friends are diminishing now,
But living longer.
My hands are empty, I'm lonely,
But my "spiritual-
genius-heart” has brought me 8 Followers and 108, 601 views.
A fact counted by Google.

Now (January 27, 2016 I have over  200 followers! 
And with this new infinitely deep and wide Awareness of people;  I find infinite things to build.
And infinite reasons for living and growing more Happiness on my small island of Heavens here on Earth.

I no-longer have that Garden, I'm sad to say.
My family destroyed it without my approval.

God gave this to me, these weird thoughts.
It seems like a power is flowing in.
An infinite source, of Power.
But, God tells us we must have reasons to live or live with....

[11:13 PM  -  28 June 2014 Saturday   -  Don Wesley 1933]


Black Like Me - (Desmond Cole)

I'm really impressed by the words of Desmond Cole. I'll be following Him and what his eyes do for all of us.
I'm white and have been 'carded' by policemen who should be policemen; in my opinion. I have been injured and called the PTSD type. I'm a victim; what should I call the abuser:  Bullies

Published on Apr 28, 2015
In a recent Toronto Life article, Desmond Cole writes that he has been stopped by police on more than 50 occasions because of his skin colour. He tells Steve Paikin about these experiences and discusses the challenges and hopes for Toronto's new Police Chief Mark Saunders.



Nora and Cocoy (from the Impossible Dream)

Uploaded on Feb 14, 2007
Nora Aunor & Cocoy Laurel in a scene from the movie Impossible Dream.

"If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him"

"If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him"

Christopher, my first son, did love me more than anything in the world. He sinned and I forgave him.

My next two sons; Steven and Michael loved things in the world. They frequently sinned and didn't care about their victims.

"I was easy to forget"

Michael, Father and Steven

Michael and Steven

Billy Graham did write the following...

Second, you know that you have been, born again, because you will want to obey God. "And hereby we do know, that we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandment.
(1 John 2:3)

Third, you will separated from the world. The Bible says, "love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him" (1 John 2:15)

An unknown poet explains it this way.
All the water in the world,
However hard it tried,
Could never sink a ship
Unless it got inside

All the evil in the world,
The wickedness and sin,
Could never sink the soul's craft
Unless it got inside.

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"When you know God: He really makes you feel comfortable, considerate and with correct wisdom, quickly available from Him"    ~  Don Wesley 1933.

TED ~ I enjoyed for a while ! Back in 2012

About Don

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I was born in Montreal during the 1930's and saw, heard and felt evil.

My mother, sister, brother and I were helped by people who recognized [Some of that time] we were suffering, and we received help from our church and the “Salvation Army.” 

I saw my brother go off to war, and cried along with my mother. (WW2)

We must see Evil, hear Evil and talk about evil, in order to know that we must not do evil. And to learn that we must help those who suffer from the consequences of evil. Our empathy is a natural limited resource within us which we must direct to those suffering. Children love to help those who are suffering.
My mother, in return for the help we received, took in orphaned babies. These children were beautiful and I loved each one dearly. Being a brother to a younger child helped me feel the beauty of loving. In the forties I saw the pain and grief of parents who lost their sons in war. I felt empathy and hated evil doers at 5. I was 4, 5, and 6 years of age in those depression years which included the evil doing of Hitler. I loved beauty and hated evil and the differences were palpable. By the age of 19 I was an officer in the Canadian Military. I wanted to see an end to evil. Early after the Korean war, I became a successful young businessman, and guess what I discovered - more evil and beauty. In 1969 I sold by business and became an “Agent of Change,” selling the know how of creating beautiful organizations. I made a very good living.

The moral of this story could be that I learned my lessons at the age of Six. Teach your children, early in life, these lessons. They will see more beauty in the world and abhor evil. I maybe wrong, however I have a passion for this truth. As a six year old I saw and heard and felt evil, but I stayed quiet. In those years children were expected to be seen and not heard.

Today children of six and younger will spontaneously tell others “it’s not fair!”
Don [From The Silent Generation - the 30's]


Areas of Expertise

Chief Executive Officer, Container Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, Inventor, Military Science, Organizational Development, Physics/Math, Behavioral Science, Prefabricated Construction - Prison Cells, Recycling Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals, and Systems Architecture.

An idea worth spreading

Overcoming Court Injustice and finding it's victims and comforting them and compensating them. Doing this with empathy packed unrelenting passion and humour.

I'm passionate about

Aiding those who suffer from Man-Made Disasters and uncovering Evil. Battling InJustice! Following Moral teaching as revealed in Old Volumes of Sacred Law. Also a passionate follower of new Science.


Sir George Williams College  ~ Concordia University, Montreal

Talk to me about

Injustice. Beauty. Beliefs. Creativity. The Importance of Family. Leadership. Dysfunction. Manufacturing. Invention.

People don't know I'm good at

Teaching excutives and designing/building factories; beautiful and efficient Value-Adding-Chains for any company; and helping to recognize the need for change.

My TED story

I started October 2011, with growing awareness and care for humanity; growing "Heavens on Earth in the "Present"

Divorce Death Threat to Don Wesley - July 2009

July 2009
A Personal Death Threat to me was frightening.
Killing Nicky my Dog saddened me.
Two days later I was evicted from my Own Home.
For a Divorce!
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