Wednesday, January 7

Open Letter from those with Borderline Personality Disorder

(With Narration and Text)



Atheism - Science - Religion

I really enjoyed watching these men share their views. I should add it is excellent.
Published on Nov 1, 2014
Very wise intellectuals John Lennox, Alister McGrath, and Keith Ward discuss God, Science, and Atheism. They dismiss the common Atheistic fallacy that Science somehow works against Religion. As well as the common myth that "all" Scientists are Atheists, and because all Scientists are Atheists, we should follow in their footsteps.



Christmas Mail from Jack & Cathy for Don 2014

 Hi and welcome into my little Inn. I received this precious mail from my farming friends. I just hug both of them.

Goldie Hawn and Dan Siegel at TEDMED 2009

Uploaded on May 3, 2010
Goldie Hawn, along with Dan Siegel, talks about the power of mindfulness to help children focus, battle stress and control negative emotions.



Marriage - What Happened


Mindfulness and Neural Integration - Daniel Siegel, MD

Published on May 2, 2012
Exploring Relationships and Reflection in the Cultivation of Well-Being.
Daniel Siegel, MD, is Clinical Professor of psychiatry at UCLA, Co-Director of Mindful
Awareness Research Center, Executive Director of Mindsight Institute, author, and recipient of numerous awards and honorary fellowships.
This talk examines how relationships and reflection support the development of resilience in children and serve as the basic '3 R's" of a new internal education of the mind.