Sunday, November 20

The late legendary radio news commentator Paul Harvey

This is a riveting 17 minute address

The Holy Roman Empire Is Here Now

Published on Sep 1, 2016
A British newspaper recently exposed a secret plot to consolidate European power under a political dictator.

These reports point to the prophesied reemergence of the terrifying Holy Roman Empire.

Learn how the Nazis went underground after World War 2—and how they plan to make a devastating comeback—next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

The Battle Of New Orleans

 Johnny Horton

The Theory of Evolution? ~ What is Evolution?

2 Movies

What is Evolution?

The Theory of Evolution?

President Obama

President Obama

Holds a Press Conference

With Businessman, Donald Trump he knows: Two levels He has had to Think about: Debits and Credits.

Unfortunately, my Mind Scope is narrowly seeing only .0003% of Love for Trump

(.0003% of our own Planet)

333 ~ Triangular Algebraic Geometry

When debating with Someone; insist that you both keep on the same level.
With Businessman, Donald Trump he knows: Two levels He has had to Think about: Debits and Credits.

Stoop to His Level !

Scholarly talks have Infinite Levels to consider: Including Civility, Humility, Philosophy, the Zoologies, Biology, Social Science, [Politics]
Meta-Physics, Quantum Math-Physics, Military Science and more.

Now we need to Predict with some accuracy.

END of Trump ?

Narcissists Destroy Who they cannot Control

A Dog spelled backwoods is GOD 

Narcissists Destroy Who they cannot Control

The Joy of Homecoming


The Joy of Homecoming: Master's Rediscovery of the Original Universe, Multi-subtitles...

Meditate as Much as We Can in This Grace Period

This Grace Period

All Humanity has Health Inness's  ~ The Humans who have Feelings of Emptyness



An Empty Feeling: It can be filled.

Hi, all of you, in the Other; Beyond this World: The Kingdom of God.

God lives in all of Us.

We know more about Him, than those Humans we don't know.

My Dog, Nicky was killed  - RIP!

If you are just bored with watching movies on your TV Screens: Just join in with my Disciples.

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All Humanity has Health Inness's  ~ With Humans; who have Feelings of  Emptiness
I'm here,  to Refresh Our Hope.

I prefer not loving Pussy Cats:
However they seek out and Keep Rats from sleeping. 
Keep a Rat awake for 5 days and they start Dying.

60 Minutes:   Science of Sleep