Wednesday, December 2

Jesus was just a Baby Boy ! The King ordered the Killing of all Boys.

The King ordered the death of all Baby Boys


As a child, I listened to adults revealing this historical event.
That King was someone that would have to deal with me, as I got older.
I automatically became a Protector of Children.
I was about 4, when these became part of my caring Habits.

I was 19 when Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, welcomed me to be an Officer of our Military that Defended Our Faith and our need to live in the Light of Peace. 

I'm now 82 and I have no intention of changing this way of that I promised to be, forever.

I love this song and it brings Tears of Joy to my Eyes. Don't mess with me, is a warning to all who don't believe Jesus was Born on Easter Monday.
I to, was born on Easter Monday April 17, 1933.
Is this an example of  Synchronicity ?

The celebration of Christmas is all about the Birth of Jesus. One of my favorite Christmas songs, is the following....