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Psychology to Explain Fraudulent Divorces

Psychology to Explain Fraudulent Divorces 

I'm 83: I want this story available:
Especially if I die before I get back in
My Comfy Home.

For 1 year I lived in

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We now need

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The victim of Elder Abuse

The first few pages of the book.
My Family needed someone who could overcome the Family Dysfunctions.
We found one and He studied the very same book I did.
His picture is below.

My three boys, my wife and I met him every week for many years.
Towards the end of 10 years, he said My wife will kill me.
I didn't believe Him.
It is 2016 and she hasn't given up trying.
She left our family home: On the night before Christmas 2008.

I thought my Home was Safe-Guarded: It was, but not for me: It was for Her.

I bought and fully paid for the Home in 1969. In July of 2009 the courts had me evicted and made homeless:
 They said I hadn't paid any rent for all those years.

In 2014 I had a visit from an agent of Service Canada who said it was a case of Embezzlement: It was with the  Crown Attorney.
It is now 2016 May 27.  I escaped to Ontario where I live now.
The Nice Home above, is in West Island Montreal - DDO.

Before you discuss any Science subject you need to understand these simple Psychology Lessons.

Everyone seems to think they know all about the Science of the Mind, Soul and Brain.

Everyone assumes it was only a divorce: It was Fraud!

Having learned these few pages below, I can have an  intelligent discussion!  Join Me!   First, please read from my old book and know what I know; we'll be on the same level.  

My first Psychology Book in College - 1951

Doctor Lundell - Psychoanalyst.  RIP

My Bible and marriage Ring

My Wife Denise - Bless Her






The Wish

This documentary short introduces us to 8-year-old identical twins as they explore their family background. Filmed by the twins' father at their grandparents' lakeside cottage, The Wish is a lyrical study of childhood and family roots.


Food in Canada During World War II

At 8, we were the men in the home. I did everything and was known as the smartest kid in the neighborhood. I got things done very quickly.

I was a kid during the war.
And getting a meal, meant preparing it for yourself and the younger children than yourself; who you took care of.
The women worked in factories making bullets.

The men went to war or hid, working on farms.

Published on May 13, 2015
On the eve of World War Two, new research methods were finding that most Canadians were malnourished. When Canada entered the war, the federal government took unprecedented steps to influence what Canadians ate, so the country would have strong soldiers abroad and reliable workers at home. Ian Mosby, author of "Food Will Win the War," tells Steve Paikin why food was considered so important to Canadians during the Second World War.




Nancy Sherman ~ Afterwar

Published on Jun 2, 2015
Drawing on a background in philosophy as well as in psychoanalysis, Sherman addresses questions of moral responsibility regarding the 2.6 million soldiers now returning home, and shows how society needs to consider issues ranging from disappointment to alienation to traumatization to help veterans find the inner peace they’ve lost during their service on the frontlines.