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Inside The Mind Of A Mafia Hitman - (The Iceman)

For a few years now, I felt this is how my wife and children thought.
My son is a Psychiatrist

They followed their Mothers desires for money,



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Mar 14, 2011

Richard Kuklinski gets diagnosed by a Psychiatrist.



What terrible parents can do to a child

Hi and welcome to my notes for my diary. My name is Don Wesley.
Since I know that God is in me; and that "knowing thyself is very  important" this interview with Kuklinski; is a lesson we all need to know.
It is a spiritual matter of the mind.
Published on Jan 20, 2013
A documentary about the Mafia hitman
Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski.
He was born a few years after me, in a in New Jersey City, where I lived for a few months with my Aunt Esther.
She loved Murder mysteries.  


Brain researcher ~ Right and Left Brain ~ Knowledge


Heaven is Involved


Did Jesus Die on the cross or did he survive the Crucifixion



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Did Jesus Die on the cross or did he survive the Crucifixion. Research documentary by BBC giving ample proof of Jesus' surviving crucifixion & migrating to Kashmir India.


Receive Money ~ Do Something ~ Deliver Money

Receive Money ~ Do Something ~ Deliver Money

The Money must flow like water, if we all are to live.
Sometimes the water just sits in the toilet bowls.
Because we no longer live beside a fresh water river; we are required to spend the money we receive to buy water.

To do the right work we need to study philosophy 101 at the very least.

Every living creature needs water. What does the creature do?
First the creature must live fairly....  and not just deliver left over waste to the bowl. Although it is food for the  fish.

Who should decide what is fair?
How much cubic space does the creature need?
Hot or cold or just right?

If the creature has lived, it knows how to behave,
Who gave it the rules to live by?

Let me think. I'll be back soon.

Maybe we can discuss and cooperate and decide.
Doing nothing is not wise; the bowl gets to full.
The bowl without water will be needing something done..
I live in my car, without a bowl.
You are in dire need of finding me a room with a water filled bowl.  

Thank God I have my Blog to get this message out to those who will receive it. I to need money. Life in Canada is not entirely fair.
Down south, they need only the nearby river.
But the south needs our Canadian water.

Maybe our Government has the answers.
What creatures are in the government cubic space? They need  money and water also?

We can see where water comes and goes.
Where is the money flowing from?
And what bowl does it stay in?
Lessons are needed.....





I need a few more hours to think about this dire need