Friday, January 1

New Years Day - 2016 - 1:41AM

New Years Day every year, was the day the Wesleys' and Prevosts' were all one big happy Family.

Denise Wesley is the daughter of elder Prevosts'
She is the one: all the kids loved.
I loved her most of all: in this  splendid Family.

I was the 'Wesley' who....
always took the pictures and the videos.

Christmas Day the Wesleys' stayed at Home in
in the West Island of Montreal

Denise Wesley took this picture above.

Denise Wesley also took this picture.
'Michael' knew how to plan attacks and defenses.

In 2008, during the Christmas 'Holy-Days'  Denise left me.
Why ?
It has taken me all these years [2008 until 2015] to find the one truthful answer.
What was she suffering from?