Monday, September 14

Too many just talk.

Hello Friend, Good afternoon old buddy how are you?
About the top 10...
How about the remaining 90 percent? Not just the top 10.

Too many just talk.
And even a few more ask 'invalid questions'
Assumptions' they assume are ignored.
They just need our strokes: to purr like a pussy cat.

Awaken and move out of your own head and into; how some one else thinks. Your opinions I know already.
Maybes' are not an opinion. Opinions are a dime a dozen.
I see you always looking and finding old stuff; how about you creating; some new stuff; never heard before.
News, books and Encyclopaedias are too easy to find.

And personal discoveries are made every second by the trillions.
And maybes' or perhaps' are  everywhere.
Just say hello and have a good day

[and say, I'm alive and not yet in the spiritual space.]
I need to know when you are 'really' out there floating and learning something new.

Then, be pro-active. Help the homeless here at home. Think about the fires that are just missing you.
You may find yourself homeless.

Remember that questions are what kids ask.
Think anew and share.