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Victims (Pain) - Illusion or Truth - Cops Caught Lying to The Judge - Preventing Injustice

Published on Mar 9, 2015 - The Veritas Forum at UCLA, 2015.
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Preventing Injustice
A Society for Victims


Agents of Change.... who use the latest Science and Technologies and Organizational Change Know-How.

 Edited 3/30/15
My power to make things better, came from God and not me; His love alone.
Agents of Change.... who use the latest Science and Technologies and Organizational Change "Know-How."
Don Wesley 1933.

Why am my here ?   A great question.
To Make what is good, even better for humanity.

Don Wesley 1933.

In the back corner, is Don Wesley the man hired to change this organization - Qualcor Chemicals Inc.  This is a picture of Don's (3) Day Seminar to educate the owners and their professional employees. He took over the management of this organization for 12 months.

Every one was "amazed" by Don's great-ideas and his abilty to make them happen.
Don is spotlighted in light-red. Ben and Michael his Son have their hands
spotlighted  in light green.

How much more profit money they were to enjoy. Even the Unionized employees were happy with Don's kind and affectionate manner. It works wonders!
Ben's daughter from California (PhD - Organizational Development) came to see what Don was doing; she called him a Guru of OD.    Her name is Judith Siegel.
Ben graduated from McGill - Chemistry.

Both my sons, Steven and Michael Wesley... worked in the Qualcor mixing and filling manufacturing plants, during their summer vacation. I developed and installed the latest computer and software.
And used the new Micro-processors to replace "ladder-logic relay systems"
It was a fun time for everyone.

Denise Wesley, knew I worked here; but didn't know what her Husband...
Don did for his living wages. It is no longer a family secret. Wait to see the more amazing things her husband did complete, by believing in God and Jesus.


Published on Mar 25, 2015
This is an update with MT Keshe, the Iranian plasma physicist and nuclear scientist who is now dedicated to bringing free energy to the world. This update deals with Keshe's progress with his Foundation and announcement about the new Institute for learning that he is starting in Italy. Keshe talks with me about the healing power of his technology, how it can present a force field to protect against psycho-tronic weapons and much more... The Keshe Foundation is now setting up offices around the world including one in China and California. His Plasma Physics is poised to make oil and gas unnecessary and revolutionize the way we live and travel.