Wednesday, January 11

Farewell Address to the American People

A  Great Lesson from a Great Man

President Obama

Children of the Middle Ages

Children of the Middle Ages

It was predicted that My Wife would kill me.

That prediction was back in the 90's
Like Trump does, she started by destroying my home and belongings

My Home was sold and she kept the Cash

The following new lesson explains

Trump and The Weakest Link in the Chain - One more War!

666 666 666

The Trump discussion is now boring and has lasted far too long.

Those free to vote in the whole US population, chose Hillary. [Millions of Souls]
The "College", [less than one thousand; mostly men] decided to vote for Donald Trump.

From my point of view, I can see that it was rather easy for Trump buy a few men in the tiny "College".

Where were the Holy Spirits?
God, and your two Sons where were you?

I heard from God and He said  "[[.7$444+ war@#3@`nsZ"\/]]]"

Is Trump smarter than the Holy Three?

I'm inclined to believe that the Devil, still owns Trump.
Far too many of us can't see beyond Donald.

Now we will have perhaps, One more War!

Even as Baby Boy, I knew He was working as the Devils subordinate.

666 666 666

Retina ~ Part 1

An Introduction

Eyeball Anatomy

Eyeball Anatomy

Anatomy Lecture on Salivary Glands

Parotid, Sub-Mandibular and Sub-Lingual

Shake hands with the devil

Full length movie

What is Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering

Enzymes II - Temperature and pH


Effect of temperature on digestion of starch by amylase

Digestion of starch by amylase

Action of saliva on starch

Digestion  Biology

Trevor Noah ~ Trump Is Racist


Don asks:  Is Trump a Racist

Trevor Noah provides great answers

Jon Stewart on Trump

Why he really left the Daily Show with Charlie Rose