Tuesday, May 19

The Book of Job Explained


Published on Jun 9, 2014
"The Book of Job is one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible. I attempt to clear that up by offering a different perspective than most people know today. The traditional surface understanding doesn't make sense with scripture or the actual text. This new approach will clear up several misconceptions."


A Reason For Living .... ?


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The World from a Physicist, another point of view - (Richard Feynman)


A physicist is a scientist who specializes in physics research. Physicists study a wide range of physical phenomena in many branches of physics spanning all length scales: from sub-atomic particles of which all ordinary matter is made (particle physics) to the behavior of the material Universe as a whole (cosmology).

Published on Jun 8, 2014
The enfant terrible of physics describes how his sense of continuous wonder, his childlike curiosity about everything, led
him inevitably to a life in science.