Tuesday, January 13

Loneliness is not Peacefulness - How to suffer is an Art we Learn.

Learning  the Art of Mindful Suffering.
Find a Reliable Friend to Hug you.
Even a Dog will help you to suffer.
My Dogs Name was "Nicky."
When he wanted my attention

He just pressed His Nose into my Hip.
He knew who was Kind. 
Loneliness is not Peaceful.
It is Hell.
It is not a "RIP"
Talk to those who are RIP; is also a way
To Learn.

I will be your Friend,
But please call me by my name Don.
Even if you live Far from Me;  I can and will help you.
I'll help "You" to know How to Suffer!
You will be amazed when you see... you can easily learn.
Just send me your Email.
We will have an email conversation.

You will see...  how you have changed... by the way you write, and by reviewing it from the  "Hi "line to finish line.


The Loneliness of Suffering
The Loneliness of Sorrow

The Loneliness of Sin
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Hell is the loneliest Place in the Universe
Hell, essentially is separation from God.
Please Don't separate yourself from me! Don