Thursday, October 24

Greetings Old and Adorable Frankenstein's, it is Halloween time.

Lying creates feelings of shame.
The Ted Talk staff, says we have an epidemic  of shame in the U.S.A.
Mystery Novels [Storeys] are designed for people who like to solve problems, like puzzles; they can declare how smart they are.

Stories in General entertain. News Papers reveal part today and more tomorrow and so on. They adore long stories that keep their readers coming back for more.

News Papers cheat a bit. Their stories come out later with more. Night readers and Day readers, and so on.

The parts needed are hidden, in tricky ways.
Only, when all that is hidden is found, can the one-true-story be revealed.

To complicate his novel even more, the writer creates little stories for some of the 'some' of the parts that knows exist and leaves them out to confuse and enlarge the mystery story even more.

For example, his one true-story may be made up from 16 smaller stories. The correct one, is number 17; the sum of the whole.

My son Michael and his mother Denise, often said Dad [Don] makes his answers too complicated. Michael would say his one complete story was the sum of 13; and he would bother the teacher for a better mark. I would tell Michael you said 13 and that is wrong and you failed to tell the whole story.
Denise got annoyed with me. The annoyance added up to anger over time. She would say parts 2 and 3 were enough to get the job done. I knew however

When computers first came out, you needed the knowledge of all the parts.

Today a few non creative craftsman make and sell tiny applications [parts of the whole]. Some just clever enough to get your money out of your credit cards.

I wrote this essay-article for you.
Appreciate it to please me.

My blog has many parts; be aware to get the whole story right. Part only reveals who and how you will behave later in life; it predicts your behavior.
Lying creates feelings of shame.

The Ted Talk, says we have an epidemic  of shame in the U.S.A.