Friday, October 30

The Fatherless Project ~ Promise Keepers Canada

That is what I lived without: The price too high!

Cracking the Code Of Life ~ PBS Nova ~ 2001

It's Rocket Science! with Professor Chris Bishop

 Published on Jul 3, 2014

My name is Don...

Hello and welcome in; you will really learn something surprising here.

God gave us guys who are mechanical types of men and women.

Starting with the one simple principle that has powered every rocket that's ever flown, Professor Chris Bishop launches through an explosive journey to the moon and back.


In the darkness of sleep is where...

.... Is where I get to know even more of Him.
In the light of day is where I can see He what has given us.
He lives in us, and we see His parts.
The spirits of Him lay quietly everywhere.  

Don, ...  "I need Him 24 hours each day."

He gave me the gift of Dyslexia.
And I slept all day long to thank Him.

A morning start with good old music we love.

A morning start with good old music we love.
We love