Tuesday, June 9

Great Cathedral Mystery (PBS Documentary)

Hello, precious sisters and brothers..
Last night, I collected my own thoughts, one from the “Upper Room”
and one more documentary from “Internet Heaven” – YouTube – The New collection library owned by Google.

All ideas are just steps to another creation. I step up using free ideas created by other minds and so on.
I work through the night and day dream. It is not normal sleep. They call it maladaptive dreaming.
I also need real sleep to recover. This gives me the energy to meditate and correct mistakes we all make.
Unconsciousness is what pills do; and it is not sleep.

This is the way God works and builds and he has given everyone this building ability.
Some build stuff that lasts centuries, others build things like cars, that do kill, when you micro-sleep at the wheel.
The Devil has an army of doctors, who want us old-timers off the roads and driving.
Keeps your eyes on Satan's armies and the let the elderly drive, using their wisdom and knowledge.


Everyday I collect mind ideas that interest me; following my many moods and reasons.  Then on unexpected days I put a few of  the collected ideas together and a new story appears with this "different-context" that draws in other good minds. Everything builds organically, in the mind of a human brain.
I have it seems a dyslexia problem. I don't want to live without it; and I don't want any Medical Doctor to treat himself to it, nor even peek into to it.

This Great Mystery keeps me glued to this thought. This happens (I've learned) in the glial cells in our brains; 85% of our brains. They communicate in waves. The 15% use electrical chemical fibers.
As the Greek name implies, glia are commonly known as the glue of the nervous system; however, this is not fully accurate. Neuroscience currently identifies four main functions of glial cells:
  1. To surround neurons and hold them in place
  2. To supply nutrients and oxygen to neurons
  3. To insulate one neuron from another
  4. To destroy pathogens and remove dead neurons.
For over a century, it was believed that the neuroglia did not play any role in neurotransmission. However 21st century neuroscience has recognized that glial cells do have some effects on certain physiological processes like breathing,[2][3] and in assisting the neurons to form synaptic connections between each other.[4]

Published on Sep 17, 2014
Great Cathedral Mystery (PBS Documentary)

Newton's Dark Secrets - (PBS Documentary)


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Published on Sep 13, 2014
Nova - Newton's Dark Secrets (PBS Documentary)

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