Friday, December 26

Will some veteran criminal investigator feel shame for not solving a case given to her/him where all the objective evidence was written into the victims Blog before he died?

It is now the day after Christmas... to be remembered as December 26, 2014.
The "past" I have written about is, the criminal abuse I have felt, since 2008 and about my Life from Home to a State of Torture called Homelessness.

I'm seeing these "present" days, a new so-called group of amateur reporters on YouTube...

Talking about how the "cost" and hurt the Homeless... are burdening the public minds and pockets.
The real evil however goes much deeper that just the simple idea of "cost" and being homeless. This is a subject that goes further back than the Bible does.
New technological gadgets like wireless phones with Microsoft software, have brought tiny very interesting games to play.

Games that are puzzling fun to play and talk about.
Un-like the games of the past like Monopoly, [Boring and put back into the box] these
phones are connected to the internet, where at the other end, busy writers create little easy changes which are downloaded into phones to keep us interested in playing for ever;
and us continuing to pay forever,  month by month for ever at some $70 per month. Are we crazy to buy such silly ideas, while ignoring those who are really hurt with scars
 and minds forever damaged

Adults play these games, which keep us dis-tracked  from the more complex and interesting criminal abuse that keeps growing. Like what I have revealed in this, my Blog, the Inn of Injustice.

"Evil" in all it types and forms is the basic major world wide Force, which counter-acts the force of  love, the energy of God to enable everyone [if they choose] to be kind to ourselves and to others when needed.

We will come to realize, that life will be cruel... and we can't get through it without the help of others.

In Marriage we make that solemn promise to help each other for ever, even after we die and are buried. Life in part is smooth sailing; but any Captain knows there will be violent storms. The male in the Home is Captain of their ship and the woman is his first mate. The Captain is the last to leave the sinking ship.

This idea of loving, is a more stringent path to follow; it is strait and narrow. I believe after a long period of thinking and discussing that our best chance to have a life of love and contentment, is to place our faith in the safest mathematically calculated answer.

My choice is to choose,  ... the idea of the only God who sent his Son to tell us, what suffering in this one bad world is all about and what the antidote is.
Ships have been around before the 60 stories in the Bible who were written by the wise people and constantly re-checked by Historians for the truth to be constantly challenged, unlike the principals and laws of science.

A law is like a cookbook recipe, with precise instructions and measurements. It will never be ignored; but new recipes will be created which may have a short useful life.
The past two days did see me getting some help and giving out some older wisdom, strangely unknown to todays distracted game players.


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