Friday, September 9

Recovering Lost Goodness - Trump ? War ?

Nancy Sherman, Recovering Lost Goodness:
Shame, Guilt, and Self-Empathy.

Wesley 1933

Serenity or Insanity ~ Hillary or Donald Trump

Serenity or Insanity

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Thoughts today ~ September 9, 2016.

A small Town mid-day Survey, Ontario, Canada.
Thoughts today ~ September 9, 2016.

03:11 PM until 05:17 PM

Don "Peace with God"

I interrupted busy people and asked them 4 questions: In a small Coffee-Chat shop.

1) Beside what you are doing now, what was the most important thought you had today?

2) Then I interrupted them again: What are your thought's about Donald Trump?

3) Would you vote for him?

4) How about Hillary?

In those
2 hours, the crowd jump in to reply, with great joy.

A) Most think:
Trump is an idiot (16 year old student)
B) He is the Man: 59 year old man.
C) I wanted to vote for Hillary: But Trump. was quick to jump to the most important.

D)  One old man would vote for someone other than Trump. 
E)  Most agreed that Trump: could be called Mentally Disturbed.
F)  Over 80 replied this afternoon: Only 2 for Trump.
G)  All had fun with what I did for them.
H)  Some even said in quick eyelid blink: "Kill Him"
I)   Most Canadians are very Smart.

Respectfully Don Wesley 1933.


Serenity and Peace with God - President Obama.

Serenity and Peace with God - President Obama.


President Obama Reflects on His Historic Visit in Laos.

Don - "Peace with God"