Thursday, November 13

Let there be light and people to live on it.

May 2, 2017

Hi and welcome into my inner eye zone.

My name is Don and I'm 84 and well.
Somehow I have survived the damage of stress that kills most of us... starting even before birth. I'm serious and enjoy laughing...a lot.

Life without stress is blissful.
Just get the free energy from the Sun; use what you need and give the rest of it as love, to all with your touch...that reaches deep into their hearts. Is this dream we have possible?  He has already given even more!
The competing Architect who lost... is now trying destroy what the winner was given...the empty earth without son-light every 24 hours.  

The Great Architect Above told me in my spiritual dreams.  We can't see what we don't know exists. Without knowing God the Creator... we cannot get the benefits he has hidden from us. The key to the hidden is easily acquired when you know the Creator and he sees You believe in Him.
2000 years ago, telling his story couldn't be I'm doing below.

The Great Architect Above found some good land to construct a farm for his children.
This planet was mostly earth and water. It was like the Moon black and light.

This Earth as he called it, needs a spin every 24 hours to give all sides light.
With his access to great electric energy, he ran and stepped on the planet and the rotation began; like a merry-go-around. Once that happened he flew in his technicians to draw up plans. They were excellent geometricians. The first buildings were designed to last and built like pyramids.

He delivered and put into storage, tiny DNA cells. These tiny people, needed only an

oven to bake in for 9 months. He brought in two live, loving women and kept them busy baking and soon the new family home was fully self-sufficient.
Come back quickly and soon for this thrilling story tu-be.

Logic and Intellectuals -The myths !

Hello and welcome, My name is Don Wesley. I bring these talks in, because it seems they maybe relevant to associations we need to make.

George Lakoff is the co-founder of the Rockridge Institute, a think tank for progressive politics and public policies. His talk surveys basic findings about what human reason is really like and shows why this matters in politics. Over the past 30 years, Lakoff posits, cognitive and brain sciences have shown that human reason --instead of being conscious and logical — takes place mostly below the level of consciousness and is much more
interesting and complex than was once believed.


See a powerful debate between two brilliant intellectuals
and see how difficult it really is.
Does God Exist? (Frank Turek vs. Christopher Hitchens)Logic and Intellectuals
The myths !

See where logic happens; not in your conscious mind
George Lakoff "The Brain and Its Politics
See a powerful debate between two brilliant intellectuals
and see how difficult it really is.
Does God Exist? (Frank Turek vs. Christopher Hitchens)