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The CIA ~ America's Secret Warriors


Howie Mandel Talks About Living With OCD

Living With OCD

(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Documentary)

The Man Who Loved The Number 12

Prisons in Canada

Super Maximum Security Prisons in Canada

Theater of Blood -

Vincent Price

The Beautiful Yet Dark Mind Of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

Coming Home (1998)

Coming Home

Ordinary Miracles


D A D For Christmas

For Christmas

The Locket

Based On A True Story

Castle of the Living Dead

Christopher Lee

Psychiatry, An Industry of Death

"Full credit for this video goes to CCHR. I have no connection with Scientology, religious or otherwise. I am however a former victim of criminal psychiatric practices. When I stumbled upon a museum in Hollywood California named: Psychiatry, An industry of death, I was of course very intrigued. The staff were very patient and helpful. They were eager to answer any questions people had. When I found out that thorozine could be one of the causes for my tourette's syndrome I could feel the anger rising inside of me. Thinking back to the mental "hospitals" I was forced to stay in. I was locked in my room on a 24 hour a day basis and if I said or did anything that could possibly be taken as less then submissive and obedient I was taken to the "seclusion room" (which is kind of fucked seeing as how I was in 24 hour a day seclusion anyways) and put in 4 point restraints, injected with liquid thorozine directly into my neck. When I was allowed passes to go home for the day with my mom, I was too tired to do anything with my family, I just wanted to sit in the chair and sleep, I remember thinking what is the point of being ALLOWED to come home for the day if I am just going to sit here sleeping? I can do this just as well back at the hospital. When I went back that night I told the nurses that I wanted different medication, this started the chemical cocktail experience that would be my life for more than another YEAR.
Are there people that have benefitted from psychiatric "medicines"? Well I'm sure there are. .
The people that were forced into these criminal hands had no choice for the most part. Their human right were stripped from them so a very small group of people could make more money than most people can even conceive of."

Citizens Commission of Human Rights International