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Last Right - Bill Kennett's Story

Published on Oct 28, 2013 

Re-visited February 10, 2016

This documentary, the first in the series, explores the growing demand for new laws governing assisted suicide in Canada. The renewed push comes from baby boomers, a politically active generation that is now aging and demanding more control over their final days. The documentary also explores the life of Bill Kennett. A senior Ottawa bureaucrat, he was used to making big decisions.
But his last one was shrouded in secrecy.


People Enriched by God - DITAT DEUS - Denise Wesley and Jodi Arias.

Revisited by Don
February 10,2016

By Don Wesley, March 27, 2013.

The first night we met, Denise and I danced together.
She was 21 and I was 28.
It was weeks before I kissed her.

We married a year later, on April 11
To me, she was enriched by God. DITAT DEUS !
I knew she was my angel to become Denise Wesley.
I called her Sweetheart thereafter.
Years later, the Catholic Church made her A Eucharistic Minister.
My military Psychoanalyst said she would kill me.
No other woman will replace my soul mate Denise.
On April 17, I will be 80. I still like her and love her.
Steven and Michael were our two God given miracles.
In 2012, The Minister at the Wesleyan Church prayed for a miracle;
“That we rejoin as one after a separation of five years.”

To me, Jodi Arias was and is a child enriched by God.

Both these angelic women were abused as children by a family member.
Their injuries from Abuse made each of them, a Child-of-Rage.
Bless Them.


God, it seems, controls everything delivered ? In Waves! ~ Part 2

God, it seems, controls everything delivered in Waves?

Water waves as well as light, sound, cell phones. internet digital packets and x-rays and so on.  

It appears that light is love.
To be alive we need light.

Trees use light for photosynthesis.

Even our body-brain, is controlled by the Mind; which receives thoughts via the Sprit waves . Exciting!

I Used to Manufacture all types of lighting fixtures to light up Churches and magnificent Buildings.
And the local Drugstore mixed toghter new medical prescriptions using a Pestle and Mortar Bowel. The Pharmacist in those older days also was the cook on the other side of the Isle, where his meal time customers arrived for lunch.  The Pharmacist  worked 7 days a week to earn decent living; they used the Pestle and Mortar to cook also.

Image result for pestle and mortar

And how about the local small Creative Entrepreneurs  

Don's Inventions
Don's Inventions

Don's Inventions

We sold our Intellectual Know-How;Like New Zealand does Today.

The Rich grow like Cancer getting  Bigger by the minute.

During Christmas week  2011-2012, a New Scientific view and invention was revealed and it showed us , without the need of complex math in a brand New way to see How good God really is.

To be fair I've added a debate for us to see; about the Pharma Industry today.

Is the industry earning an indecent profit and do we need Psychiatrists, when we used in those older years, kind and unpaid Priests.  

Everything is the Light - Interview with Nikola Tesla

Donut Production