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Are You Awake Or Are You Dead - A Simple Test


Published on Mar 28, 2015
How can you tell if you need revival? How would you know if you're spiritually dead? Does revival mean that you'll be living life on a high? And what will it cost to obey your wake-up call?
Join Monica Dennington as she gives you a simple test, straight from Scripture, to determine whether you're awake...or whether you're dead.



Men Pulling Together - Wow

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Going Mental - How Borderlines and Narcissists Abuse Facebook and


This was first posted 8/14/14.
Today is 4/14/15.
Jodi Arias gets life in a prison cell ?

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My wife Denise had a personality...  part that was fragile and very smart. Another part was very tough and sinful, with the wrong reasons for living a life with Christ.
I'm not certain whether the medical symptoms revealed Schizophrenia or the Border line Disorders,
All I can say for certain is that God gave us as gifts to each other, Denise abandon God and I got closer to Him when she left me in 2008.

"The night after Robin Williams death was announced, a local TV channel ran Mrs Doubtfire in tribute. If you need a demonstration of
how the family courts, and women in general, have men's balls in their grasp, just watch that movie. It is tragic and infuriating at the
same time, and I always suspected it was a reflection of Williams' own situation -- his portrayal was just too from-the-heart. "Patriarchy" my shiny white ass."


Teach your children early in life; this lesson. They will see beauty in the world and abhor evil.

April 14, 2015
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X minutes ago: Hello I hope this truth will get a “thumbs-up.”

...............10 minutes later it got a “thumbs-up.”

I was born in the 1930's and saw, heard and felt evil. My mother, sister, brother and I were helped by people who recognized we were suffering, and we received help from our church and the “Salvation Army.” And I saw my brother go off to war, and cried along with my mother.

We must see Evil, hear Evil and talk about evil, in order to know that we must not do evil. And to learn that we must help those who suffer from the consequences of evil. Our empathy is a natural limited resource within us which we must direct to those suffering. Children love to help those who are suffering.

My mother, in return for the help we received, took in orphaned babies. These children were beautiful and I loved each one dearly. Being a brother to a younger child helped me feel the beauty of loving. In the forties I saw the pain and grief of parents who lost their sons in war. I felt empathy and hated evil doers at 5.

I was 4, 5, and 6 years of age in those depression years which included the evil doing of Hitler. I loved beauty and hated evil and the differences were palpable.

By the age of 19, I was an Officer in the Canadian Military. I wanted to see an end to evil. Early after the Korean war, I became a successful young businessman, and guess what I discovered more evil and beauty. In 1969, I sold my business and became an “Agent of Change,” selling the know how of creating beautiful organizations. I made a very good living. Playing with evil people, gets you nowhere, that is Good... and gets better by the hour.

The moral of this story could be that I learned my lessons at the age of Six.

Teach your children, early in life, these lessons. They will see more beauty in the world and abhor evil.

I maybe wrong, however I have a passion for this truth. As a six year old I saw and heard and felt evil, but I stayed quiet. In those years children were expected to be seen and not heard. Today 2015, children of six and younger will spontaneously tell others “it’s not fair!”

Don [From The Silent Generation - the 30's]