Thursday, October 2

A Personal Story - This Special Day - July 08, 2012.

It is October 2, 2014 and I feel my heart pulling on me,  to bring back this post I wrote months ago. Thank you for re-reading these words so precious to me.
I truly thank you for your Precious Reply, it is extremely Valuable for me, in My Passioned Fight against Injustice.
This has been my life long mission. Those close, [not many] who truly see me, have at times, labeled me with the Words "the kindest man they have ever known." This is the mystery in my personal story, for the Kindest Man revealed to me is Christ, and He is in All of Us. Why do we appear not to see Him everywhere. Could it be we feel ashamed to declare so. I can say with certainty, that comments, from anywhere in Humanity do have a Huge mixture of Thoughts to Ponder, and the Reality is, that "Time" does not allow us to Commit to a Scholarly Review of all the Options.

To get aboard a Train to a Better World does require that we find our way to the Right station with the Right Train.
We don’t want find ourselves on a Train to nowhere.

Like many, I try hard to avoid the Temptation to be Perfect, in Everything. I look therefore at the "Whole" of the Mix to find the Stories behind the Story.
Then, I am often too quick to express my findings and that which is given as Free, is often taken as having No Value.

I slowly learned, the Lesson of the Golden Goose. From there-on, I, earned a Handsome living for delivering Intellectual Know-How, which Flowed quickly, from what I do Best, which is to Create Beauty and Wealth, out of Chaos and Dysfunction.

I did my Work in businesses, as a Businessman, and I did find “Evil” present Everywhere.
Does anyone Disagree!

And then one Day on Christmas Eve of 2008, I found Evil in my Home, ... .. . and it shocked and disturbed my State of Contentment!
I felt the "Abuse of Cruelty."

Then, making life even more Revealed to me, I found Evil flourishing in The Courts of Canadian Justice, on the 31st day July, in the year of Our Lord 2009. I was crushed, carrying the Burden.

This awaken in me, the Reality that I was still an Officer of the Crown, which is to say that an Officer of the Court, may one day have to surrender to someone like me.

One Problem, which I always have, is to reveal my thinking with passion and kindness, without pause for refection; I trust Myself and my Integrity.
People who are in my presence, can see the Whole of me, with my full set of Emotions, which includes an abundance of Kindness. I am truly visible, for those who come without Malice in their Hearts.

If there is a Lesson to recall from the Stories of Wisdom from the past, I offer this you:
The "Whole" is Greater the Sum of the Parts.

This Choice of Focus, of looking at the Whole, which I most always do, is Ordained from Above. I prayed to God, for His eternal help.

The Bedrock of my Foundation rests upon those Skills, which I have learned Most Easily, as He made them available to me in a very Creative Manner.

This "House of Skills and Experience", is my “Belief-System,” and is always accountable for what it delivers.

Love to All,
Don Wesley [From the Silent Generation]
July 8, 2012. Sitting with Hope, in Chesterville, Ontario, Canada.