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Why Pastors don’t fight Evil - Change or die.


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June 28, 2015 - God is in us and we each know something about him.
Sharing what we know gives us more know-how about how He does things now.... that are imperative to do; change or die! Don Wesley1933.

Two days ago I Met a young Pastor who claimed he had "more authority." He kept on defending the Gospel. He could not talk about how we need to see and do something about evil today.

He talked about History but, to me He was doing nothing but promoting Himself. I looked....  straight in his both eyes; and told Him he was evil.
Today is Sunday, and I opened the Church Door and was met by two guards, who said "If you apologize we will let you in." If not you will be shut out!
I do not want to come in until you get Pastor who had passed the test of knowing God [best of all and created each one of us.]
I replied "the Pastor has evil in Him." One Guard said "I was evil and used the "F" and he had this in writing.

This Church needs to be reborn.
This Church can be visited in Chesterville, Ontario, Canada
And many more Churches in the Christian world. The Globe God created for every living creature. Bless us all.

Three wise old men, over breakfast told me about the one evil man, where I live, and they all agreed.... he is pure evil. I will be living there... just a few more days, then he will shut me out  forever.

God is still with me... my parents introduced me to Him, when I was still behind the bars of my crib. Today I am 82. I know God all these years and I see more evil everywhere. Use a magnifying  glass or a microscope, to see the tiny steps of evil behaviour. Follow those steps in your collective mind and see the destruction they do as the sum of those steps. These kinds of people are the most dangerous of all. They maybe a friend or a family member. Not getting their way. may cause them to slip into another personality; one who knows how to kill.
Murder is the most difficult crime to investigate. Get your friends involved
Please take care of me; I do not want to be forced to the Cross like Jesus  was.

My parents told me to tell Satan to get behind me. He is that easy to defeat. So my friends....  I have yet to meet; do not fear the devils who are all around us:  just expose them with shame and we see justice come back again.
10% of  us [mostly boys] are so-called slow learners! Science has just recently discovered we have brains that Einstein had. Science does not create; it only finds what God created in the beginning. Dyslexic brained people have the gift from God to see the whole. Newspapers supply only sentences and we are bored with sentences - maybe Jesus was a slow learner.  
We must use again....  the moral tool, "shame" him publically; have no fear to do so.

With all the new internet; the results are rapid and their behaviour changes before they walk on our streets. I am told even nasty Cops change.
Making what is good, even better for humanity. The INN of JUSTICE is a collection of personal reflections, essays, and conversations about life; which contributes to the knowledge of Good Families.
We need a paradigm shift; and a Change-agent Architect to build a new System of Justice.
What follows is what young involved people are doing.

I am 82 and being silently abused....
Some one paid for my breakfast
before the Church opened.
More than 6 years of financial Abuse,

Since I had to leave Montreal



Why Pastors don’t fight Evil


When it comes to neutered leaders, politicians and pastors are at the top of the list. The dishonesty of politicians is expected; it’s a dirty game that’s played in the natural. Pastors, however, are supposed to constantly be striving for righteousness and fighting with the sword of truth, without regard for the natural; it’s actually part of their job description.

So what’s holding these ‘pastors’ back?

Doug Giles
Doug Giles

Doug Giles has absolutely NAILED Ten Reasons, via Clash Daily:

1. Fear of man. If you purport to be a man of “the cloth”, then your regard for God and his opinion must trump the trepidation of the creature he created from spit and mud. Come on, man of God – don’t fear us. We’re ants with cell phones who’ll shoot Botox into our foreheads. We’re friggin’ weird and fickle weather vanes of the modern media. Lead us – don’t just follow us!

Man of God, fear God! Declare his will and his way and let the chips fall where they may. Within both the Old and New Testaments there are very unmuddled, eternal opinions on current political issues. These opinions should be embraced and shouldn’t be publicly curbed and bridled because some deranged deacon, some quacky congregant or a preening politician doesn’t agree with the scripture and might get their panties in a wad over a particular political issue. Never live for a nod from the congregation or some political twerp or a particular party, especially when said group is way off biblical base.

2. Ignorance. Most people are not bold in areas where they are ignorant … always excepting Michael Moore, of course. I know keeping up with all the pressing political issues is maddening but that’s life, Dinky, and if you want to be a voice in society and not an echo, you have got to be in the know. Staying briefed, running each political issue through the gauntlet of the scripture and determining God’s mind on a certain subject is par for the course, for the hardy world changer. It’s the information age. Get informed and watch your boldness increase.

3. Division. I hate the current non-essential divisions in the church as much as the next acerbic Christian columnist. Squabblin’ over the color of the carpet, who’ll play the organ next Sunday or who the Beast of Revelation is! Puhleese!

Dial down on the inconsequential seditiousness, okay, Jedediah? Relax. Go into the desert and get focused. The church is currently so divided and defeated with such minutiae that we can’t agree on which shade of white to use for our surrender flag.
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