Friday, April 15

BPD............ ?

An Itch We Scratch - Should we Itch and accept Gods 'Value Adding Chain' ?

Let the Itch become just a visiting thought

Preface and Introduction

Should we have already adjusted and accepted Gods 'Value Adding Chain' - Yes of Course we should have.

Our World Situation has Changed: Very rapidly and is even accelerating

A Paradigm Builder - Retired.
Might be available

"Always late is our behavior, while an Itch is automatically fixed and fast"

We adjust to scratch the Itches we experience...
Should we adjust and accept Gods 'Value Adding Chain'  - It is urgent now.

This New Play has a different Lighting Engineer And a New Director

God is more Uncovered here.

Here we will see a more Digital Look of our Confusing Life. The Stage Play has a New Producer and Stage Artists

The 'Value Adding Chain for Administrators' will remove all the weakest links and all the disgusting and boring old 'Order' The decisions they 'manufacture' will also be quality controlled as part of the New 'Value  Adding Chain'

What do they Manufacture now - just News and more news.
Their selfish News costs far too much and is repetitive.

Enjoy This New Digital-Play-Attempt and what It Uncovers... the unseen and under Gods Couch Comforter. We need His comfort now... to find a real meaning to Live.. Suicides is what the news reveals now.

Revealed here, is much more than we missed in the Old Stage Plays with Dimmer Candle Lighting.
This Play is more Energetic using the power of Electric Lighting.

Our Universe Is fully Electric - It must be used - Because It is Free

The promised Life is exciting, and will be real, without all the miserable news about unresolved conflicts. Especially those conflicts in Our Administrative Parliaments. The cost of Administration is the problem. The Senate Quality Control is to slow and too costly. We need both to be Production Operations and part of One value-adding-system managed by one Director. This is what Big Business' had to do to survive. They too were late but
they finally surrendered their management to temporary Paradigm Designers who were also contract builders. One who had no conflicts to resolve.

Unresolved-conflicts continue to destroy our willingness to work.
Work should only be happiness.

All we are doing is manufacturing discussions, which are boring and disgusting. And this gets Claps for Our Elected Administrator's who are not part of the Value adding Chain
(They are the 'weak' Link)
Get to know more about Gods 'Value Adding Chain' and how It produces miracles not just thoughts and predictions.

He Includes all our different dissuasion modes, into a new Drama Look. Organized more effectively into smaller operations and quality control everything into a new Value Adding Chain.
Even personal relationships will be local and smaller - Less Facebook-world wide relationships.

That is what the Digital World Idea Promised and failed to deliver.
Administration must be part of the New Chain.

The One Set of 10 Ideas to live a Happy, Healthy Life.

Is what you are doing now Habitual?
Is it the best Habit or Just a wasteful one?

I'm always adjusting as I believe we all are.

We adjust to scratch an Itch - Should we adjust and accept Gods better Thoughts? 

A)  Every Week I'll look for and present a New Blog Digital Play

B)  Now "The Hidden Teachings of Jesus"

First see this short lesson - a pre-requisite.