Saturday, April 26

Heaven Is For Real - Official Trailer - In Theaters Easter 2014

 Heaven Is For Real - In Theaters Easter 2014

Film - What is Freemasonry -- 5 Min.


Film - What is Freemasonry  --  5 Min.  


It is not one religion.
It is little Lodges of men who help each other.
Small manageable Lodges who act very quickly.

You might not like their way, so go to another place, as "Feynman"  has said a few stories back in this blog.

An Interview... with two lovers .... How loved ones deal with Borderline Personality

Uploaded on Apr 4, 2011 
In this video I ask my best friend and my brother several important questions about what it's like for them to interact with my BPD behavior and symptoms (topics: tips for others, difficult situations, depression, self harm, separation anxiety, social anxiety and more..)
Yes, it's a long video, but I think what they say is really helpful for other people who are in the same situation. So show this video to everyone who needs to see it. Let's help each other out!
Stay strong everyone!
And take care of yourself ok.