Sunday, April 19

Victor Roth; is what God asks of us: Find the Evil-Devil and point to Him for all to see

A Narcissist fools everyone... for a very long time.
The Devil fools us, including me. The two are One.
He is pure Evil. He had me fooled while he worked in the Bar and served alcohol and threw drunks out late at night to sleep on the streets.

How does a man become so cruel, when  he came from a  Father and Mother who were good people; believing the wisdom of Jesus.

To my friend Victor Roth for over seventy years. You in Tiburon [California]and me in Ottawa/Montreal; communicating daily and supporting one another. How remarkable! I thought you had been reborn.

Now you will try with Your words, to hang me on a new Cross.
May 12, 2011
What comes to my mind this morning is that you didn’t “reject yourself” but you rejected what others were trying to impose on you; to be a God fearing man.
This thought about you is remarkable to me. Now I can publically rebuke you. I warned You, more than enough, in private conversations.
You took ownership of yourself and I am amazed at the results. You are an extraordinary success, working for the Devil.
When I reflect on your life as I have come to know you more, I am truly happy to know how you do your evil work, never ever stopping to demean the believers in God and beautiful nature and animals.

You have lived a truly good life: as the evil-devil or as Monica Dennington says "The Witch"


You have everything that is precious to a family life; everything that I now don’t have. You have a Home and Family and a Job that is very important to the functioning of a local community Organization, where you are recognized for your excellent work. Now to be known as a Witch.

In my mind you are what God wants you to be seen as.

Vic, please accept what I am saying is the absolute truth of what I believe should be said about you.
You Victor Roth are perfect example of what God wants us not to be.
Brotherly Love
Don Wesley  -  May 12, 2011.

April 19, 2015 I know more now.
He had me fooled in 2011.
His family is perfectly OK.
A psychopathic mind is His problem.

Montreal by Night - 1947 NFB Documentary - Reviewed 2015

Montreal was my Home Town  in 2008 not now 2015.
There was and is too much Sin on the whole Island
My friend took much of it to Tiburon in California.
Today he is the King of Evil in Tiburon - all smiles.

His Son fortunately is a real good Father to his son.
Tanner and His Great Father.
The Grand Father left Montreal,to get far away
from the Uniformed Men
See those uniformed men in the movie.
MontrĂ©al  - on a summer's night, presented as a pot-pourri of contrasting
sights and sounds. The Indian village of three hundred years ago is now North America's second port and, after Paris, the world's largest French-speaking city. Its historic and religious shrines, its elevators and warehouses, the offices, homes and clubs of its merchant princes, its glittering night-spots and amusement parks, its streets with their outside corkscrew stairways--are all seen as the bright background to the happiness of boy and girl.

Deadly Deceit - Not unlike my own Story which remains without Justice.