Monday, November 17

National Geographic Live! - Chasing Rivers, Part 2 - The Ganges



Susan Cain - The power of introverts

Hi and welcome in. My name is Don and I am an introvert and hard to understand. I sound like a book when I talk; she said.   


The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear

Is that abuse?

The Family Court devastates families every day. Is this abuse? I received this knowledge from a working RCMP Officer, in a Family Court who declared to me personally that he sees this devastation and that there is nothing he can do as an RCMP Officer to stop this abuse. A municipal Officer in another City, who is involved in these Family Court situations, has personally told me that the two case lawyers are the people who knowingly keep this abusive system functioning daily. They pocket the wealth lost by the parties in these Family Divorce case. There are no incentives for them to stop. Unconsionable Court Orders are issued, based upon ex-partie affividavits Djw, 2011-01-07

Lens Repair 101: A Worldview Analysis.

What is a Worldview ?
Video by Sarah Clifton. Music by Bill Cain.