Saturday, August 6


Published on Mar 15, 2016

"Effeminate-handed anti-American racist birther, Four-Time Draft Dodger, Four-Time Bankruptcy Filer and roadkill-topped loser donald drumpf, aside from being a bigoted moron, lies continuously.

Pathological liar drumpf is literally programmed to lie, and incapable of telling the truth.
drumpf is a racist kkk-enabler who talks constantly and says absolutely nothing. drumpf will not be the US president, that we say with 100% certainty.

Come here after the election for proof we predicted this one.
It will be President Hillary R. Clinton, 100%.

drumpf is a third-rate carnival barker for a roadside carnival in Shittesville, SC., and now drumpf's trying to sell Our nation imitation snake oil and dog shit, "for only ninety-nine cent." Nobody shrewd is buying."