I was changed from “Home to Homelessness” by a Court Order issued to evict me from my home
Dear Editor (An Ottawa Paper)Why have I been put out of my own home ?
It is violent Abuse of an Elder Man !
January 2010
I am writing this letter while sitting in the “free kitchen area” in the Ottawa Sikh Temple, a remarkable place of social value within our Canadian nation.
Yesterday my wife’s friend said it could be more than a year before the balance of proceeds from the sale of my home would flow from the final divorce hearings. Meanwhile I am Homeless!  Denise is in my Home and I receive no interest from my wealth which is in the property; which I paid for and own.
Married 46 years, living 41 in the same home and raising 3 sons I am about to enter my 78th year, in one of the most peaceful (without war) countries of the world, but a country that allows “Home to Homelessness” to happen daily to Families who were free from violence but had a person to person communication problem only or an
Intra-Psychic conflict of one partner.
I was changed from “Home to Homelessness” by a Court Order issued to evict me from my home and I never saw the allegations which the Court Judge used to make such an order.
My basic right to my home was denied me; a violation of my human rights and my lawyer did nothing to stop this; instead he encouraged the process to continue, because he claimed he knew better. Only the parties involved know what’s best for them. (Supreme Court Decision)
In fact both my lawyer and wife's lawyer (Court Officers) sat together across a table from me (Officer of the Crown) and told me so, just before they had me evicted. They wilfully abused me; an elder.
If you have ever been on a camping trip, you control when to pack up and get back home again. Homelessness, knowing you cannot go back home and all its comforts is another story.
The weeks go by; the season changes and you face freezing to death in your car. This really happened to me; and I could not return to my Home nor come within 100 meters, without being arrested and jailed. A citizen came to my aid, Herbert Foxwell, who paid for a month of motel for me. Many more people saw the criminal abuse that I was being forced to suffer.
What I describe above is violent abuse to an individual; a crime as detailed in the criminal code. It is against the law, everyone will tell you; except when it has been framed and accepted by the family court it is not treated as a crime.
An RCMP officer at the Montréal court house told me, he watched Families being devastated daily by the kind of events that have happen to me, and there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.
Similarly a police officer in the city of Ottawa told me so, saying it always boils down to the psychopathic behaviour of the two lawyers involved. They have neither conscience nor remorse for their victims and see only to their greed for the cash that will flow to them from the sale of your home. They LUST for money.
There was in fact nothing that I had ever wilfully done or even could imagine doing that should have given the Judge the power to evict a citizen from his home. Except, there was a hidden affidavit with lies and twisted half\truths, alleged by my wife Denise. He issued the Court Order.
The overwhelming power of the Court Order resulted in 3 police cars with a Bailiff telling me to leave my Home immediately or be arrested. This happened to me July 29, 2009; from Home to Homelessness in a few minutes.
My home that I bought and paid for in 1969, which was also my studio and offices; a place where I created knowledge (intellectual property) to sell for a living. The Home, I financially planned and had grow around us and care for us until death did us part. My Family Home was turned over to my wife and her gang in a few minutes. I crossed the line from Home to Homelessness.
This destructive process issued by the Family Court started (months earlier) in the Mind of my wife Denise, who suffered from a Mental ‘intra-psychic conflict’. She made an irrational decision to leave the marriage, and start this Divorce Process, a Process to destroy my Family in blink of her eyelash. 
This not a matter for the Courts. An Intra-Psychic conflict is not a conflict with the marriage partner.
Intra-Psychic conflict is a personal disorder which needs the help of a psychiatric professional, in a family setting not in a court.
 ‘Intra-Psychic conflicts’ are very dangerous and can deliver vindictive behaviour; enough to murder its intended victim, in this case me, the Father of the Family. This was predicted by our family Psychiatrist, Dr Fred Lundel a few years earlier.
In my intuited thinking, this process of Home to Homelessness is a clear result of the allowing my wife’s Court Motion to proceed in the Court System. This not the proper framing of the conflict! The court accepted this motion knowing it would it create wilful harm to both the parties.
The parties would lose all their Wealth; that took a life time of work to accumulate for their retirement years and it would be transferred to Officers of the Court System. The ultimate Evil - Lust for Money, is at work in a Court System which makes the Process more valuable than the People it is supposed to serve.
News papers have published numerous editorial essays which have explained that this harm occurs. At this moment in time there is insufficient public support for making changes to our society that will stop ‘dead in it tracts’ these kinds of abuse to families.
This has devastated me personally. It is happening daily to Families throughout our nation!
The court system has a Value-chain of processing operations that make this happen; and the Court charges you for what they call a Value adding chain processing, which allows our government to collect taxes on.
Think about this from another frame of view; they collect taxes to withdraw the wealth of divorcing couples; couples who had a psychological conflict, to be dealt with and nothing more
This destructive process is cyclically going on every day in our own court system. If sounds crazy to hear this point of view, it is a truthful view of exactly what is going on.
 It is useful for me to add that the Courts answer only to themselves.
Consider Key words like; Court, logic, and justice are common.
How about key words such as Court, Crazy logic, and Harry Potter?
The Court is exhibiting symptoms of Schizophrenia, that is to say they don’t seem to see what damage they are doing to so many citizens by using ex-parte affidavits and morally insane employees to work the processing system which produces unconscionable court orders.
Outside the court system, conflicts between a company employee and the company are resolved by the human resources department very quickly because unresolved conflicts destroy the willingness to work. This human resource process is well described in books on human resource management; books I studied while in my 20’s.
The Family of Man (Vanier Institute of the Family Ottawa.) states clearly that the Court is not a superior wisdom to solve family conflicts:
1.    “But one thing they know – the place to correct the causes of evil is in the home, not in the courts of law, not in the prisons.”  
2.    And “There is a crisis in the family. It is time for men and women to take action. We can control our civilization.”
But the divorce courts are ignorant of this knowledge; imagine ignorant of this knowledge. Companies are not ignorant of this knowledge but our Courts are when it comes to family affairs.
I do not blame all court employees but I am framing a view that shows the Court's Systems Architecture is badly flawed ,and it needs more than logic to repair.  It needs intuitively inspired problem solving ability. This requires the genius of a Mastermind.
They are available, I know!
The Science of logic, invented by Aristotle, could be used for checking truth of a statement and inferences drawn from it. According to him, priori is the inherent store of knowledge and is beyond proof. Man inheritintly believes in it. Posterior knowledge is based on personal experience and can be falsified due to number of errors.
Logic is an instrument of thought by which truth can be differentiated from false but eventually the source of untruth and limitations were found in logic also.
Logic could not discover new knowledge. It gyrates within the original proposition from which it inferred certain conclusions.
Man needed something more than logic to discover new knowledge; otherwise man would be whirling round and round in his own error producing system of   false logic.
Man has to intuit it from nature or his previous store of knowledge. By this act of intuition man cannot carry out extended reasoning, but can only jump away and beyond his previous store of knowledge.
Belief of intuited knowledge is characterized by suddenness, completeness and conviction without necessity of proof.
Intuition is its own proof.
We can see that the Courts are destroying our Wealth by using false logic and I am saying, clearly I hope, that it can be changed quickly (I know.)

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