Sunday, January 11

To my friends, speak of goodness and truth.

Call this story, a set of prescriptions, I have become aware of and rely on.

The year was 1938.
From Christmas Eve, when my father, sent me a Train set and a Castle [with a mote]
from the Eaton's Department Store, Christmas has been the most powerful symbol in my Life.

At the time, I was also in the choir. I calculate I was five.
The Castle, is a symbol of a mans home. [Magna-Carta]
And the child who grew up was Christ, our Saviour.

My father, left my Mother and his two children.
My mother did something to make him leave.
I knew he loved me; but he left us.
I knew the family I came from!
The responsibility for children, in a family, was supreme in my eyes.
I needed to read books that told heroic tales of children destroying the evil dragons.
This included the Bible; with the story of Eve.
And so I discovered my passion in life. 

From this early time as a child, I always wanted an Angel as wife,
Denise was the Angel I found.

She has goodness and beautiful qualities.
I built my own home and had three children and knew
I would die before giving up my home.[Magna-Carta]

So strong was my passion to fight the dragons I became an Officer of the Queens Military a the age of 19.
I was fearless, knowing that if attacked, God would rescue me.
Then in 2009, From Home to Homelessness, I was wounded.

And so everything beautiful and good begins with solid families.
If it isn’t good we must remember the accusers.
Refuse discussions with accusers, you cannot win.

I am an educated old man who knows good from bad.
I have had a life of much learning, to overcome evil corruption.
Body, Mind and Soul, were all well covered in my education.
Learning to solve problems within the situations we find ourselves in is where the important details of education, expand our knowledge and make us different. We must measure and fix problems. Some problems you just can't fix without loving help. I made calculations and found reason in the Savior who was born on Chrismas day.

Céline Dion- Oh, Holy Night

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