Friday, November 29

"They got rid of you on Ted and now you are a pain in the ass on Facebook"

3:38 AM 11/29/13

The following is your comment old pal Roth - "They got rid of you on Ted and now you are a pain in the ass on Facebook"
I reply to you....
The more you express yourself, the more of your butt you do reveal.
[Not a pretty sight] As the old saying goes "take your nose out of the picture."

You... posted a demeaning Comment about me...
 "We'll you had your chance to educate your young children and you blew it"
[1] These, your comments are lies and demeaning.

My life story is out in the open for all to see. I also created the blog for your Ginsberg Dublin Bar. I did this as an extension to my own Blog - Innjustice.
It was my gift to you. My time, my blog and my intellectual know-how.

All you do create, is "Hi and then Goodbye and hope you enjoy the article I sent you." I would call this "pretending to be an academic." And you are a high-school drop out. You dropped out in the first few months.
[2] The next lie you have just expressed here on Facebook, is that I got kicked out Ted. I refused to stop talking about God on Ted; and they did warn me I could lose my right to start conversations. I chose, to keep the idea of moral thinking alive. I accepted their right to "ban me."
Not to point out immoral behavior [Evil Behaviour] is to 'choose' being a perpetrator of crimes being committed.

Just to see polite Christians avoiding to discuss immoral behaviour is also a crime. Just because a baby is present, doesn't excuse their immoral behaviour.
They, Ted, also banned Rupert Sheldrake, the Scientist; and their readership dropped so low, they decided to take summer holiday.
And Christ was killed. And John Wesley, was rejected by the established churches of his time. His Churches are alive and well today.


I suggest to you old friend... you have a problem understanding the meaning of morality; read, From a Ted Conversation by, Colin Erskine, Winnipeg, Mb Canada.

Ignore this message at your peril.

I was active at TED, then and my thumbs ups earnings were accelerating. This was contrary to those who control Ted, who seem to want-all-to-think 'technology' based upon science is more good for us than stories about immoral behavior. read on...

"We use the term "morality" so liberally across different conversations. Usually metaphorically without getting specific. It bothers me to no end when excellent speakers use the term "morality" loosely as if it necessarily implies specific behaviors like "sharing = moral" and "murder = immoral." To me, morality always seems best defined as sound reasoning and conclusion forming. Of course, as opposed to unsound reasoning.

 It seems really clear that morality represents only that basic intention in any living creature to do something right as opposed to doing it erroneously. That is, it seems morality
comes down to the intent of doing what seems to make the most sense to the best of the
abilities of the individual or group of individuals.
As a simple anecdotal example, consider indulging a vice and stealing a purse from a store and then getting caught. While it may have seemed like a rational thing to do under the circumstances of expecting to get away with it, upon getting caught it would become apparent that the decision was not well calculated and certainly most harmful to the one person you were intending to take care of most, yourself. Your failure to achieve your own
aim of self-enhancement is what dictates your actions as immoral, even from your own perspective.
 Of course, there are a number of vices one might indulge that have negative consequences not only for the self but perhaps for society at large. Any action a ruler might take which brings about the unrest and revolt of her people, would be highly suspicious as being immoral since a ruler's decisions ought to be made to enhance their rule rather than degrade it.
Moral actions in all cases, seem to be those which the individual (and perhaps other individuals) can observe as clearly having the intended effect both in foresight as well as in hindsight. All other actions seem to neatly fit the description of immoral."

3:48 AM 11/29/13