Saturday, November 2

What did I see last month.... October 2013?


Saturday, November-02-13
  • It has been, a gift, He chose to give to me!
  • Looking around with my eyes open, I can’t remember much new;
    Except, for the Farm belonging, to a Masonic Brother, who I met, a few months ago.  Graff was his name.
  • However, with my eyes closed, in the dark of the night; While meditating, I saw that God was within-me, and not up in Heaven, wherever that is.
  •  This makes a huge difference, in how we feel about things. I revisited my glimpse of him and widened my scope, and as I backed away, I saw more of him.
  •  Over the entire month, I began to realize, that my whole life was Him. Without Him, in this mortal body, I am not yet born; or I am dead and gone!
  •  More importantly, I learned ,that asking questions, makes one blind and unable to see Him.
  • Later, if it occurs to me ; I will return to this page, and add more knowledge, as I recall it.