Saturday, April 12

Emotional Manipulators

 I explain that Emotional Manipulators
or NPD's, BPD's, ASPD's and
Addicts have specific traits in common.

A note from a Victim of the Court System .
"This not a matter for the Courts. An Intra-Psychic conflict is not a conflict with the marriage partner. Intra-Psychic conflict is a personal disorder which needs the help of a psychiatric professional, in a family setting...  not in a court. ‘Intra-Psychic conflicts’ are very dangerous and can deliver vindictive behavior; enough to murder its intended victim, in this case me, the Father of the Family. This was predicted by our family Psychiatrist,
Dr. Fred Lundell a few years earlier.

In my intuited thinking, this process of Home to Homelessness is a clear result of the allowing my wife’s Court Motion to proceed in the Court System. This not the proper framing of the conflict!
The court accepted this motion knowing it would it create willful harm to both the parties."   (Don Wesley-1933.)