Tuesday, April 15

Father Len Dubi - How Transcendental Meditation Enriches My

Father Dubi: For me Transcendental Meditation is a technique that I use to deepen my religious commitment. I meditate every morning before I celebrate mass. I feel much more clear, much more centered, much more silent interiorly. It is very practical in many ways that it gives accessibility by giving an instrument of how we can move to this deeper level. I think it enriches and enhances our understanding. Then that really empowers our prayer and we do make this conscious contact with this power that is greater than ourselves. For Christians, that's contacting the spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Becoming aware that that spirit is with us and in us. As St. Paul says We are in Christ. and thats what this means. And how do you get there How do you get there? You just cant be reciting words and words and words and words. But if you are centering and if you are calming yourself down and you are moving deeper and deeper and deeper. I love that, I say that often, lets get deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and you can see the people[laughter] getting deeper! And its so important that people have access where they can experience the contact. And I know that it is happening in me and I know that I am a different man--the same man but I am a better man. I'm a better Christian, a better priest because of this technique.

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