Thursday, May 22

Reading as a Reader and Reading as a Critic -

Published on May 21, 2014
1)   Does analysing a book 'spoil' its charm?

2)   Can an understanding of the tools of writing enrich the reading experience?

3)   [An Aside]  Is a knowledge of Mathematics needed?

4)   Does understanding the workings of a writers' craft (rhetoric, grammar and syntax etc.) undermine the pleasure of their books?

5)   Can reading "as a critic" ever increase our pleasure of a poems and novels?
Professor Belinda Jack offers a new a model for reading, based on 'subliminal advertising.'

6)   This allows for a detailed explanation of how an understanding of the tools of writing can add to and enrich the reading experience.

7)   Close reading of a selection of passages from a wide range of authors from Virginia Woolf to Charles Dickens will form the focus here.

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