Saturday, June 28

My Summer outdoor porch with the swing bed - 2008

"Our Summer outdoor-porch, with the swing bed - 2008"
I sat with our outdoor friends and had conversations with them.
Birds, Bees, Rabbits and our
Dogs, "Nelly and Nicky"
And ants and other bugs.
One Bird, we named "Archy"
He would return when we called him,
and he perched on our finger.
[We brought him up, from the time he was featherless]

It took over 40 years;
to reach this level of contentment.
Then one day, the Prince of Darkness revealed his shadow and told my family "take Don's contentment and destroy it"
It happened July 31, 2009.

Rescued Baby Hummingbird
just like we cared for "Archy'